Cultural Relevance

Cultural Relevance

April 2, 2009

President Obama and First Lady Michelle visit the Queen (of England). The Queen gifts them with a signed portrait. The Obamas, culturally relelvant, give the Queen a rare book and a personalized iPod complete with video of the Queen’s visit to the US. My point? This reminds me of the famed Star Trek chronicles, where the captains, from Archer to Janeway and beyond enjoy the classics while teleporting around space. In other words, are we in the culture of life movement attuned to technology to such a degree that we are reaching out with relevant messages in ways that people relate today? Do you have blackberries, iphones, facebook, youtube, etc.? That’s where the messages are read, seen and heard these days.

On another note, salmonella is in the peanut butter, and President Obama is concerned that his daughters eat peanut butter, so it needs to be safe. I couldn’t agree more! On the other hand, Granddaddy Obama wouldn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” so he would agree to uphold liberal abortion laws. The abortions, if they had them, could be just as damaging as getting sick from eating bad peanut butter. Oh well. Who needs logic, when our emotions can be played so easily?


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