On again, off again

On again, off again

Road trips can be worrisome and burdensome. One longs for the peace of home, and yet, sometimes coming home, the news can be so heavy that you long for the road again. Such was the case last weekend. Having been away for a while, I didn’t hear about the two beautiful families on their way home from Easter Church Service, only to be mown down by a reckless driver in a BMW. Many lost their lives, and the homicidal driver got away. Was the driver ill behind the wheel, were drugs and alcohol involved? There are no answers yet, but there are many grieving family members in the aftermath.

How can someone just kill someone and drive away? Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that murder is legal in America and other parts of the world. Babies and the sick without a voice are often killed in acts of abortion and euthanasia and protests go unheeded. We can turn our emotions on for the families killed in the car wrecks, and then turn them off from the cries of the babies as their life blood drains away. On again, off again. God help us!


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