A hate crime is a hate crime by any other name

A hate crime is a hate crime by any other name

Once again, I ask, why can someone call Walter Hoye’s rescue attempts a hate crime, yet not speak out against the atrocities that happen against people who express their constitutional rights through religion, assembly and speech like this recent case with a Miss America contestant?

Miss California Took A Stand, and it Probably Cost her the Crown
From the internet: Miss California Took A Stand, and it Probably Cost her the Crown
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Sunday night the Miss USA pageant was held. Miss California was asked if she believed gay marriage should be the law of the land? The judge that posed the question was gay blogger Perez Hilton. She responded that she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman. What is interesting is this is the same opinion that then candidate Barack Obama expressed on the campaign trail. She did not win and she contends her answer to the question cost her the crown. Hilton has since called her “stupid” on his video blog. The fact is Hilton probably gave her a low rating after her response, but that opens up another issue. On this kind of contest should the contestant be penalized for what they think or is this a beauty pageant? If the judges are not analyzing looks why are the contestants parading around in swimsuits? Are they being judged on poise when answering a question or is it content? The beauty of America is that opposing viewpoints are tolerated, but with every action there is a reaction. The beauty contestant had a right to speak her mind and Hilton had a right to vote his conscience.
Hey!I like your blog..I blog about the same thing this morning..to me it’s like she’s being bully for her honesty rather than applauded for answering a loaded question with honesty…again I am for equal rights for every one as well as freedom of speech…. I might not agree with her answer but I can also see that she was not trying to impose her beliefs on anyone she was just simply stating her opinion…It’s true she could have worded her answer a bit differently but all in all she shouldn’t be judge for her beliefs… After all, isn’t judging others beliefs causing all this “for” and “against” controversy in the first place?

Comment by Ann Brock — April 21, 2009 @ 3:49 pm | Reply

Thanks for commenting. I still believe what makes America great is not only diversity of race, but diversity of viewpoints. She expressed her true feelings which is her right, and those that disagree with her also have rights, but is a beauty pageant the right venue for this discussion? Again thanks for commenting

Comment by musesofamom — April 21, 2009 @ 3:58 pm | Reply

I’m glad Miss CA spoke her mind and she was on GMA the next morning and regretted nothing. She stood for her beliefs and her God. Perez Hilton needs to quit, he berated her on his blog calling her a dumb B*@#$ and the nerve of him feigning pious outrage when he spews venom and defaces celebrity with disgusting drawings…We have too many people comprising these days as it is

Comment by Kim — April 22, 2009 @ 2:07 pm | Reply

Carrie Prejean is a sincere Christian. She answered a very controversial question from her heart. People criticize her saying she should have given a neutral answer but that is just another way of hiding the truth. She chose to answer truthfully knowing full well it would cost her the crown. That is extremely rare especially in today’s society of self-centered ambition. Her character speaks volumes about what it really means to be a Christian. Carrie Prejean is the real winner in this scenario.

Comment by jodie — April 22, 2009 @ 7:34 pm | Reply


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