New Video Contest

New Video Contest

From the Susan B. Anthony List

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

 The Susan B. Anthony List is proud to announce the launch of our 1st pro-life video contest! We invite you to join us in this exciting new opportunity for America’s youth use their voices to defend women and the innocent unborn.

 After 12 year-old Lia Mills wrote an impassioned defense of the unborn for a school competition, her mother recorded the speech and posted it on YouTube for friends and family to see. Her speech has become a YouTube sensation, garnering over a half a million views. Her video made a tremendous impact, changing hearts and minds across the world. Now, Lia is calling upon her fellow students to join with her and take a stand for life.

Lia’s Challenge is our new pro-life video contest for youth.  We’re asking young people across the country to post their own pro-life videos just like Lia’s on YouTube.  While we have a few suggested topics, we want youth to be creative and express what’s in their hearts!  There will be two winners, and each will receive a $1000 scholarship.  Lia herself will even be one of our special judges for the contest.

You can find all the details at  The deadline to enter is May 22, 2009. The embeddable video announcing the contest is here: I hope you will post this information on your blog, as well as forward it to your family, friends, neighbors, schools, and fellow church members.  You can also find a special contest flyer [pdf] available for download from our website to post in your schools, churches and community bulletin boards. It is vitally important that young people have the support and resources at their disposal to effectively defend the innocent unborn. This Pro-Life Video Contest will encourage the next generation of pro-life leaders to use their minds, hearts, and talents to advance the culture of Life. We look forward to seeing what our young pro-life leaders have in store for the pro-life movement, and we hope you will join us in celebrating their passion for Life!


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