If GOD be FOR us…

If GOD be FOR us…

Romans 8:31:   If GOD be for us, who can be against us?

Kudos by the way, for Father Frank Pavone and his brave stand with the pro-life Notre Dame students last weekend!

Please read report by Rev. Clennard Childress of www.blackgenocide.org below this entry:

After being inundated by mail and media reports about stopping President Obama, making sure that people know that we say no to abortion, embryonic stem cell, the lying deception of the reproductive health campaign which is really the reproductive murder campaign, etc. I am all for being very clear about what we are against, yet, we could use some help with our PR job of promoting what we are FOR, say for example, we are for adult stem cell research, which works by the way. President Obama got away with implying that the pro-life camp is against stem cell research, because we don’t promote what we are FOR! The Notre Dame Dean Jenkins said that the pro-life community is not really pro-life but pro-birth. We are FOR LIFE at every stage, from fertilization to natural death, and ABUNDANT, JOYFUL LIFE at that. We want to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, rescue those in prison, including the babies doomed for the abortionists scalpels and potions. Clever ploys like what happened at Notre Dame recently is part of an overall plot to make us angry enough to sin, casting judgment rather than casting Jesus’ fisherman’s net with the message of love and salvation. President spoke of fishermen, talking about a fishing trip. What are we all fishing for? Or maybe most importantly, WHO are we fishing FOR and WITH? We have opposition, of course. They are clever, but HOLY SPIRIT is truly the MASTERMIND! They are trying to rebrand us. How dare we let anyone say who we are, and do it better than we do? Let’s stand FOR something while we are speaking out against what is bad for humanity. Let us communicate with the general public who is listening to sadly jubilant messages that hide death in the wings of the false promises.

If God is FOR us, who can be against us? Love never fails, we are for life, and love and joy how about it?

Please, please do a piece saying to President Obama, the Notre Dame compromisers and American and the world at large, that not only are we for birth, adult stem cell research, procreative reproductive health, but we are for life in every stage, and abundant, joyful life at that. Let’s deliver some good news rather than sour grapes and anger. Love never fails. Faith works by Love! Righteous indignation if you please, that they dare try to repaint our message. We are FOR LIFE!

Barack Obama — The Best Thing to Happen to End Black Genocide

Contact: Rev Clenard H Childress Jr, LEARN Northeast, 973-783-7150

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 12 /Christian Newswire

/ — On November 17th, 2008 Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr. of LEARN, the Life Education And Resource Network, gave insightful prophetic commentary on the election of Barack Obama. Despite the predictable ramifications of electing the most pro-abortion president in our nation’s history, Rev. Childress pointed out that the election of Barack Obama would be the best thing to end Black Genocide. “We now have a face to put on Black Genocide.”

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted March 31 – April 21 among 1,521 adults, finds President Barack Obama’s abortion advocacy could be sparking a shift to the pro-life side of the abortion debate. The Pew Poll found 46 percent of Americans say abortion should be legal in most cases (28%) or all cases (18%) and 44 percent of Americans believe that abortion should be illegal in most (28%) or all cases (16%). That two point margin in favor of abortion is the lowest margin since 1995, as Pew, and other polling firms, have been asking the same polling question of Americans across the country every year. Or said another way, support for legal abortions has dropped to its lowest level in 15 years.

Rev. Childress further pointed out in November Barack Obama’s strong ties to the nation’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, would expose the facilitator of the conspiracy in America to target the Black Community. The undercover investigative work of Lila Rose of Live Action validates what Rev. Childress and pro-life advocates have been saying all along about the racist and illegal practices of Planned Parenthood. www.liveaction.org  

“People are now beginning to connect the dots for the first time and are finding out the depths of Planned Parenthood’s racism and the decimation of the African-American community by abortion,” Childress stated. “Due to the high profile of Barack Obama as America’s first Black President, revelations of his own radical abortion record, and what abortion is and does, is being discussed on an unprecedented level by many more Americans. Just look at Notre Dame. Would there be all the controversy and public awareness if John McCain were speaking? Individuals are asking, ‘what’s all the furor about?’ That opens the door to look at the reason and the record of Obama.”

After 40 there is a shift: It had been 40 years since Martin Luther King, on his last Sunday Sermon, called for a ‘people of conscience’ to rise up and address the social ills of his day. Martin was killed two days later. We have wandered for 40 years, and despite a contrary administration, it is the backdrop God has chosen to perform His, “call to conscience.” Not democrat. Not republican. Not partisan. Not bi-partisan. But a ‘people of conscience’ to address the social ills of society and abortion is one of them. That shift is happening now!


More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time Since 1995: Gallup Poll

 By Kathleen Gilbert

PRINCETON, New Jersey, May 15, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A new Gallup Poll, conducted May 7-10, has found that 51% of Americans call themselves “pro-life” on the issue of abortion and 42% “pro-choice.” This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking that question in 1995.

The new results, obtained from Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs survey, represent a significant shift from a year ago, when 50% were pro-choice and 44% pro-life. Prior to the current poll, the highest percentage identifying as pro-life was 46%, in both August 2001 and May 2002.

The new survey documents comparable changes in views about the legality of abortion.  About as many Americans now say the procedure should be illegal in all circumstances (23%) as say it should be legal under any circumstances (22%), in contrast with the last four years, when public opinion tilted more strongly in favor of unrestricted abortion. 

Most people (53%) still say abortion should be legal only under certain circumstances; of these, 35% say it should be legal “only in a few circumstances,” as opposed to “most circumstances.”

Americans’ recent shift toward the pro-life position is confirmed in two other surveys. The same three abortion questions asked on the Gallup Values and Beliefs survey were included in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from May 12-13, with nearly identical results, including a 50% to 43% pro-life versus pro-choice split on the self-identification question.

Additionally, a recent national survey by the Pew Research Center recorded an eight percentage-point decline since last August in those saying abortion should be legal in all or most cases, from 54% to 46%. The percentage saying abortion should be legal in only a few or no cases increased from 41% to 44% over the same period. As a result, support for the two broad positions is now about even, sharply different from most polling on this question since 1995, when the majority has typically favored legality.

The source of the shift came from among GOP ranks, according to the Gallup Values and Beliefs survey, where Republicans calling themselves “pro-life” rose from 60% to 70% since last year. About two out of three Democrats continue to identify as “pro-choice,” virtually unchanged from recent years.

The swelling of the pro-life position since last year is seen across Christian religious affiliations, including an eight-point gain among Protestants and a seven-point gain among Catholics. 

“With the first pro-choice president in eight years already making changes to the nation’s policies on funding abortion overseas, expressing his support for the Freedom of Choice Act, and moving toward rescinding federal job protections for medical workers who refuse to participate in abortion procedures, Americans – and, in particular, Republicans – seem to be taking a step back from the pro-choice position,” the pollster comments. 

“That’s a historic event from the pro-life perspective,” American Life League president Judie Brown told LifeSiteNews.com today. She called the poll results are “excellent signs for progress.”

Brown said the poll shows that grassroots-level pro-life education is paying off, and also that “people have begun to see through the deception of politicians who claim that they favor a woman’s right but in fact don’t favor anybody’s rights, except the right to be re-elected.”

Regarding the sharp upturn in pro-life identification over the past year, Brown agreed that the heavily pro-abortion agenda of President Obama has likely worked in favor of the pro-life movement.

“I think that people have now envisioned – maybe for the first time in some of their lives, because abortion has been decriminalized for so long – they envision an enemy who is very deceptive, and who never met an abortion he didn’t like, and people are beginning to understand that, to see through him – and that’s a great plus for us.

“As far as we’re concerned, as pro-lifers, he [Obama] is helping us a great deal,” said Brown.  “It’s fantastic.”



On Aug 29, 2008, Kristina Grabosky <kgrabosky@crcpublicrelations.com> wrote:

Colorado Springs Gazette


OPINION: Abortion at center stage

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In Denver, it was civil rights concern

August 28, 2008 – 6:55PM

Regardless of where one stands on the issue of abortion rights, one thing became perfectly clear in Denver this week: The election of Barack Obama stands to energize anti-abortion activists more than anything since Roe v. Wade, the 1972 Supreme Court decision that forced all states to legalize abortion. Activists throughout the city characterized Obama as the most pro-choice member of the Senate, because he voted against a bill that would require medical treatment for babies that survive late term abortions. Hillary Clinton voted for the bill.

Far left activists who promised convention mayhem mostly made fools of themselves. They had no coherent message and couldn’t even seem to organize chants and clever signs. When riot cops stared them down with rifles at the ready and “bring it on” body language, most of their gatherings had less energy than the average cemetery internment.

Not so, regarding pro-life activists. They were seemingly everywhere in Denver during the convention and for days leading up to it. Priests were arrested for staying put when police ordered them not to sit on the ground obstructing entry to the Denver Convention Center, not far from the outer security perimeter of Pepsi Center. Two teenagers from California were arrested for writing anti-abortion messages with chalk on the sidewalk outside the hotel where Barack Obama stayed. The formidable passion and conviction of the pro-life crowd was obvious.

An alliance of the Archdiocese of Denver’s Black Catholic Ministry Office and the Denver Ministerial Alliance, an organization of black Protestant ministers, teamed up to throw a rally at Denver’s Martin Luther King Jr., Park. An estimated 5,000 people attended, dwarfing any other convention-related protest. MLK park is a half-block from Denver’s newest Planned Parenthood Clinic, the largest abortion facility in the country at 52,000 square feet.

A featured speaker at the event was Alveda King, Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece. Ms. King spent much of her life in her uncle’s home before he died; her babysitter was Aunt Coretta Scott King.

Other speakers were former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes, Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput and the Rev. Willard Johnson, pastor of Macedonia Baptist, a black church not far from the new Planned Parenthood building. They were joined by the founder of www.Black-Genocide.org, a Web site that insists Planned Parenthood carries out the agenda of its founder, eugenicist Margaret Sangar.

All speakers opined that Planned Parenthood is promoting disproportionate abortion rates among black Americans by building in predominantly black neighborhoods throughout the country. King insists her uncle would fight abortion if he lived today, and she declared abortion as the new civil rights issue of the era.

The Denver Post reports that inside the Pepsi Center, “the head of a large African-American denomination challenged the party on abortion.”

And then there was the little matter of that giant message that showed up Tuesday morning on North Table Mountain near Golden. Dozens of volunteers worked around the clock for a month, in three shifts, to sew together thousands of sheets that anti-abortion activists snuck onto the Mountain during the wee hours of Tuesday morning. They designed a 530-foot-tall message with the sheets that said “Destroys uNborn Children,” with the words stacked and the capital letters “DNC” highlighted in yellow. The mountain message could be seen for 30 miles, and was readable nearly 10 miles away. It showed up on television and in major newspapers around the world.

Regardless of where people stand on the issue of a woman’s right to choose, the challenge to abortion rights is no longer an obsession of white members of the religious right. In the context of street theater, pro-life activists stole the show in Denver. All other activist messages combined couldn’t compete. Many of the pro-life activists were black, and their issue with abortion wasn’t religion as much as it was race. Alveda King insists the message is catching on.

If she’s correct, abortion will become a more complicated and sensitive issue for Democrats than ever before – mixed-race president or not.







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