America’s values

America’s values

If we watch television or movies or listen to music, we can often catch the “mood” of the country or the world. Such has been the case recently with various television shows and big screen releases. I choose to mention American Idol today, because the 2009 finale gave America a “choice.” The voters could choose the judges’ anointed favorite, Adam, or the voters could chose Kris, a quieter, shyer version of Adam’s dazzling pop/rock style.

As the show drove home the second night, “Bikini Girl,” an ousted contestant came on stage sans covering. She began singing, and was joined on stage by Judge Kara who upstaged the scantily dressed ex-contender, and Kara also brought a bit of modesty back to the Idol stage, after briefly flashing her own bikini and then rapidly snatching her dress back over her body.

When the show ended, I actually breathed a sigh of relief. America seemed to have voted for some old fashioned values by casting enough of the nearly 100 million votes towards Kris to cause him to win.

Coupled with the response to idols is the recent polling that America cares more about life than someone wants us to think. Let’s keep praying that God will draw us back to HIM. Peace and love and many blessings. Alveda


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