Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a Repbublican?

Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a Repbublican?

There is an old saying, A, B, C… see your way out of it. For too long, I have been pulled into an argument that has no place in the biblical world view that I embrace.

People ask me all the time, “was Martin Luther King a Republican?” In conversation, I once said that my uncle, Dr. King was a Republican. What I really meant, and should have clearly stated was that while I never saw his registration card, I firmly believe that Dr. King, like most Negroes (that is what African Americans were called during Dr. King’s lifetime) during Dr. King’s lifetime probably voted on the Republican ticket out of respect to the Part yof Lincoln. (Please visit www.err.com for an excellent history lesson on that subject.)

My grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. who was on public record by the way, for stating that he was a Republican, voted for John F. Kennedy for President of the U.S. because President Kennedy was instrumental in freeing Martin, Jr. from jail during the turbulent days of the 20th Century Civil Rights Movement. Granddaddy used his influence to take what he called “a suitcase of votes” to the tune of over 100,000 “Negro” votes which turned the political tide with the exodus of the Black voters to the Democratic Party.

So, today, most African Americans still vote the Democrat ticket, even when it goes against their values which tend to lean more towards procreative life issues and pro Bible based marriage models. Even in the midst of the 21st century population control movement, African Americans still vote for a platform that pushes abortion and sexual promiscuity (please visit www.maafa21.com for another history lesson).

But while both the Democrat and Republican parties give lip service in their own way as far as life affirming practices go, little is being done in government to stem the tide of death that is sweeping the wombs of our women, the lives of our youth, and the pocketbooks of every family in our nation. Yet, it is the church, through the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ who must stem the tide, not our human lawmakers. We need to pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 in all sincerity!

Now, back to the question at hand. Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a Republican? Asking that question is kind of like asking if Moses was into politics, or if Paul was into politics? Prophetic people tend to stay close to the prophetic streams rather than the political waters. They speak life into the murky political seas of their times.

Before I committed my life to Jesus, fully, as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I was a political, among other things. I have been elected to the Georgia State Legislature as a Democrat, appointed to a position by President George W. Bush when I was a Republican. I always worked across the isles, though. Today, I simply vote my values, and don’t push any particular political party.

So, please don’t write to me or call me to ask if my uncle was a Republican. My uncle was a servant of the most high God, who loved God’s Word. Truly, it shouldn’t matter what our political party affiliations are. Let’s not allow our political affiliations to become idols. We should all be seeking to do God’s will, and to pray for those in authority so that we can have a peaceful life.



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