Protestants and Catholics, Gentiles and Jews, Republicans and Democrats…

Protestants and Catholics, Gentiles and Jews, Republicans and Democrats…

My uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that Protestants, Catholics, Gentiles and Jews would join together and sing “Free at Last.” I have that same dream, and the Republicans and Democrats, all politicans in fact join the choir in my dream. Kudos to all the Prolife Democrats and Republicans in Congress for standing up for women’s procreative reproductive rights! And of course for the civil rights of the babies who need to be rescued from any secret plan to use our tax dollars for abortion.

I dream of procreative reproductive health provisions that allow a woman to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy when and if she is ready to have children. Abortions and invasive birth control medicines and procedures block this natural process. Also we need a very strong push in the health care plan for education and resources for natural family planning as a birth control methods. NFP is less expensive and therefore economy friendly.  NFP has no medical side effects, and is very non-chemical, non-surgical and non-invasive. None of the problems with stokes and heart attacks that the pill and shots bring, none of the internal scarring that can occur from the IUD. And health education programs to strongly encourage delayed sexual gratification to cut down on AIDS/HIV, the need for invasive vaccines, etc. would be a great verse to the “Free At Last” song. Also, sterilization is not an option, nice choral bridge don’t you think?

Father Frank Pavone was on FOX News today and he presented a very strong case in support of clearly leaving abortion out of any health care plan.

Finally, please let people know that Charisma Magazine has a cover story on prolife for the month of August.

Many blessings!


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