www.africanamericanoutreach.org welcomes REMNANT for Life!

www.africanamericanoutreach.org welcomes REMNANT for Life!

Part of our mission at Priestsforlife.org/africanamerican, www.africanamericanoutreach.org,  is to encourage young people to be a primary voice for life. As part of this outreach adventure, we welcome REMNANT for Life.

The mission of REMNANT for Life is as follows:

REMNANT for Life is an outreach of Priests for Life African American Outreach – which includes Minority, and Youth Outreach. The REMNANT core is a group of ethnically blended “survivors” of the genocidal advance against life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The REMNANT force is comprised of students and young adults with a biblical worldview, which encompasses life, marriage, family, church and community. The REMNANT embraces the Beloved Community of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The REMNANT is committed to nonviolent interaction; the power of prayer, praise and worship; and sacrificial humility with reverence of our Creator, who endows the sanctify of human life.


Upcoming African American Outreach and REMNANT for Life Events:


Fall 2009 – Priests for Life African American Outreach “Define the Dream: Health Care for America” – visits to Washington, D. C. Congressional Offices, Prayer Rallies, framing discussions for life affirming health care for all Americans. Networking with other organizations to accomplish the goals. College Campus Outreach.

January 2010 – Launch of Priests for Life Freedom Rides Tour (Freedom Bus Rides, Runner for Life, Church Rallies, Prayer Vigils at Abortion Clinics, and more…) National March for Life, Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration – see www.pro-lifefreedomride.com

February 2010 – Black History Month – Networking with Global Outreach Ministries and other organizations – God and Government Leadership Activism – Visits to Capitol Hill and College Campuses

April 2010 – Anniversary of death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Vigil for Life

June 2010 – Juneteenth Awareness and Prayer Vigil in Washington, DC


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