From one group of African American Pastors and leaders to another…

From one group of African American Pastors and leaders to another…

Some pastors and leaders are endorsing the President’s health care legislation because they believe at face value his claim that the bill won’t force the public to pay for abortions. Another group of Pastors and leaders, of whom yours truly is a part, challenges the Obamacare bill as it is being presented currently. Either way, it would appear that there is a growing base of African American pastors and leaders who are prolife, who are sending a message of no abortion funding in any health care bill.

 For those who want to trust what President Obama is saying, proceed with caution, trust, but verify – demand that language be inserted that expressly bars taxpayer money from being used directly or indirectly for abortion and rationing that could lead to euthanasia.  If the President sincerely wants to keep abortion out of health care, he will support such an amendment.


And because social justice is so important, in every area, health care, education, economics and domestic issues, because we desire to help people, we must guard against supporting policies that will ultimately harm those we seek to serve.  Sometimes, we can be so eager to help, that we overlook facts. In the process to support President Obama, or any entity that receives government funding,  we need to take care that we don’t inadvertently promote abortion or other unsavory activities that limit if not totally contradict the good we seek to promote.”


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