Tragic Chicago gang slaying reminds us of how precious life can be…

Tragic Chicago gang slaying reminds us of how precious life can be…

Ruben Obregon at Priests for life writes about the tragic Chicago gang slaying…
Gang Kills Black Teen in Chicago – Over 159 Black Children Killed Weekly in Cook County
Last week in Cook County, Illinois, Derrion Albert, 16, was murdered after being in the wrong place at the wrong time as a gang fight broke out. What a tragic death for a kid who had a promising future.

As a father, my heart goes out to his family – I couldn’t even imagine what they must be going through.

Unfortunately, Derrion wasn’t the only black child killed last week in Cook County – an estimated 159 unborn children of color were also murdered last week – not by street gangs, but by gangs of doctors and nurses.[1] Like Derrion, they had promising futures that were brutally aborted. And like Derrion, they weren’t potential humans, or 3/5ths humans, but rather, they were humans with lives full of potential.

Fox News Chicago aired a brutal and graphic video of Derrion’s murder. Now that they have set a precedent of showing a brutal killing over the airwaves, it’s time for Fox to show how brutal abortion really is.

The Fox news clip can be viewed at:


[1] According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, 22,296 abortions were performed on residents of Cook County, accounting for approximately 57 percent of all abortions performed on residents of that state.. Based upon published statistics, black women account for 37 percent of abortions. Given these statistics, it is possible to guesstimate the number of black children killed by abortion on weekly basis: ( 22,296 *.37) / 52 = approximately 159.


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