Music and the message…

Music and the message…

Someone said that the sheep need to hear their shepherds sing… That could be so. At any rate, in the Old and New Testament of the BIBLE, we are encouraged to sing and make music. Music helps to calm the soul and spirit, and prepare hearts to hear the message. The world and the devil use music very effectively. Often, we relegate music to entertainment or something. Music is a WEAPON and effective TOOL in praise and worship. Praise stills the mouth and tactics of the enemy! Some of us already have artistic projects, albums, etc. Are we using them to the max in our work? I’m not, but I’m trying. Hopefully, we can all start producing more, music, documentaries, feature films, reality shows, visual arts, etc.
If you haven’t heard yet, Arnold Culbreath is on with a new album. It is a beautiful project! Also, Alveda will be on DCBABY in a couple of weeks. Over the years, I have often spoken and would sing acapella. People would ask me for an album, and finally, God blessed me to do one. Later, I released the Latter Rain Project, and the title song has been on youtube for a while. Now, For the Lord is Here is there in the Priests for Life Youtube folder as well. I have recently added Donald Lawrence’s I Speak Life to my page. All of this is out there. I’m saying all of this to say that many of us are musical, and we know the value of music to the prophetic ministry. This is a heads up word of encouragement. If you are already using music, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. to promote the message, please do. Over at Priests for Life, is the leader in the musical campaign. They have several music videos on their site. African American Outreach is building a library. If you sing or play instruments, or write poetry or have artistic gifts (including visuals), please consider recording, painting, computerizing, etc. Also, when I do a short message on youtube, I am beginning to add music under it. I want to encourage everyone to get into the studio and use the gifts and talents to further promote the message. Here are just a few examples. The young people seem to pick them up and enjoy them. Peace and love.

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