Don’t be distracted! Jude 1:22 – Rebuke some who are disputing–Stunning Nobel Peace Prize Award to President Obama:

Don’t be distracted! Jude 1:22 – Rebuke some who are disputing–Stunning Nobel Peace Prize Award to President Obama:

In light of the newest addition to the ranks of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, I find myself in need of praying and considering the times. In the Complete Jewish Bible, in Jude 1:22 it reads: Rebuke some who are disputing. So, rather than spending the whole day blogging and opinion saturating, I’ll just say this: Nothing happens without a reason. We need to pray for those in authority so that we can have peaceful lives (1 Timothy 2:2) so that we can have peaceful lives.
It is very important that we not be distracted by this development, and get off track from the issues with say, Health Care Reform. We must stay focused. No amount of praise or criticism will change the fact that President Obama now holds a Nobel Peace Prize. We can’t do anything about that. We can continue to contact Congress and insist that abortion and euthanasia are not in any health care bill.
I’ve been meaning to suggest that prevention of things like childhood obesity, high blood pressure, sugar diabeties should also be in any genuine health care plan. Women’s and men’s procreative health is also key!

Nobel Peace Prize
Scholar and diplomat Ralph J. Bunche became, in 1950, the first African American to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Bunche received the award for his role as the architect of United Nations (UN) peacekeeping efforts and for having negotiated the four armistice agreements that halted the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. In 1955 Bunche was named the UN’s Undersecretary for Special Political Affairs; in that capacity he oversaw UN peacekeeping operations in some of the most heated conflicts around the world. United States President John F. Kennedy awarded Bunche the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom, in 1963.
My Uncle was the next Black Nobel Peace Prize Recipient in 1964. My Dad, Grandparents and Aunt were there to witness the ceremony.
I was reading my Complete Jewish Bible translation today, and in Jude 1:22 it reads thusly: “Rebuke some who are disputing.”

This is not the time to take a lot of time and buzz about something that has already happened. Let’s spend our time dealing with Life, Liberty and Freedom!


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