Stay Focused: Who gets it today?

Stay Focused: Who gets it today?

Please forgive the back to back blogs: Two reports just came in, right after I posted the blog about not being distracted by the new Nobel Peace Prize award. Day Gardner and Eddie Lee Huff really get the message!

Eddie Lee Huff reminds us that our battle is not with flesh and blood. Please take time to review this short message!

Then, Day Gardner shared a great report. Please, stay alert and mindful of who the enemy really is!
FYI from Day Gardner over at National Black Prolife Union
Just FYI…
I spoke at Howard University last night. Part of a three person panel which included NARAL. It was hosted by a sorority and went very well. Really good turn out–a lot of good response. It will be interesting seeing how it is reviewed, (if it is reviewed) in their newspaper.

Besides all the statistics that I usually spout and defunding PP…GOD moved me to inform the audience about a conversation I had with Dr. Bernard Nathanson who founded NARAL. I mentioned that Dr. Nathanson admitted to out and out lying about large numbers of back alley abortions. He said he just threw a huge number out there with no supporting information because he knew that no one would bother to research or check the numbers. I mentioned that he informed me about the millions of dollars made by the selling of baby body parts AND that he is now staunchly pro-life! I even plugged his movie Silent Scream!

GOD also moved me to talk about Jesse Jackson selling his soul to get abortion industry dollars to fund his presidential campaign.

I had no idea that Erica West (?) intended to talk about “political campaigns” in her remarks. So, GOD took the wind right out of her sails with remarks about NARAL’s founder and political campaigns from the very beginning. She kind of babbled on after that. OUR GOD is AWESOME!!!

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to show the Maafa trailer as I had hoped. At first they said yes–and then came back with a story that the “N” word was in the trailer somewhere and might offend some students. (ugh!…the audienced of about 80-100 people were black, except for two whites–I think we’ve heard the word a few times before, anyway they pulled it about two hours from ‘go’ time).

Hey, Day. the “N” word is a derivative of “Niger” in Africa, where we were once kings, queens and royalty before we were sold off by our brothers and sisters of a different religious mindset, and became slaves to “white” slave masters in Europe, the islands and America.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops get it, again…
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops wrote to all Members of Congress on Thursday stating once again that they will “vigorously” oppose health care reform legislation unless it excludes mandated abortion coverage, prohibits abortion funding, and protects conscience rights. The letter said that no current bill “meets this test.”

Link to letter:

Georgia didn’t get it today (people who murder babies have a lot of rage, not just on the road): Georgia abortionist Daniel McBrayer, 58, was arrested on a battery charge after punching a woman in the face during a road rage incident. McBrayer previously ran afoul of the law by performing second-trimester abortions in his office instead of a hospital and by failing to report abortions he had performed.



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