Ignorance is not bliss… Nobel Peace Prize tied to eugenics

Ignorance is not bliss… Nobel Peace Prize tied to eugenics

Okay, some people will think I’m sowing sour grapes about the Nobel Peace Prize Award. Others will be just as amazed as I am, to discover that the “prestigious” award is linked to eugenics. Now remember, Martin Luther King, Jr. was the second Negro in America to receive the award, preceeded by Ralph Bunch. Two years later, Dr. King received the Planned Parenthood “Maggie Award.” This award is part of PPH’s strategy to cultivate social pro-eugenics and racist sympathy through awards and sometimes even monetary grants. The euguenics tactics are covert and clever, after all.

My Uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and hundreds of other Black pastors and leaders have been tricked and mislead that Planned Parenthood wants to help Black people. Planned Parenthood lied to me that my aborted baby was a blob of tissue, and that the chemical birth control pills that made me sick were good for my health. They lied to my uncle, that the award was for helping to build strong Negro communities.
People use awards to further their causes, including it now seems, the Nobel Prize Award is linked to eugenics.

Other eugenics laced profiles linked to the Nobel Peace Prize can be found at:
Eugenics, Racism, and Nobel Prizes in America at this link:

How about this report from NJ… They get it!
Planned Parenthood had been asked to speak at a housing site in Newark. A local pastor objected to their board. Planned Parenthood was ‘disinvited’. I (the author of this report, not Alveda) was asked to speak. A person ‘who asked to remain nameless’ threatened our invitor with a protest of our talk. The talk now became an open community meeting.

We went there fully expecting a vocal opposition to a simple discussion of HIV, chastity and the work of Gateway. A pastor who invited Gateway was to speak after me. She intended to hand out condoms after her talk.

This pastor urged me not to mention Planned Parenthood and not to hand out any literature. Since my talk involved HIV and didn’t mention Planned Parenthood, I complied to not mentioning Planned Parenthood in my talk on HIv and condom faiilure. I brought literature packets with me that presented the ministry but also exposed Planned Parenthoods racist beginnings.(Proofs from the library of Congress by our dear friend Akua Furlow)

In our telephone conversation concerning Fridays banquet, our latest dear friend, Dr. Alveda King prayed for God’s intervention… and He surely did.All praise to Him for the outcome!

Planned Parenthood never showed up. The residents that came were vocal about abstaining. I spoke for an hour using Powerpoint, proving every quote with it’s source. The pastor frequently interrupted to correct me even though the proof studies were visable on the powerpoint. She then rose to speak.

After some vocal responses from the residents, her talk disintergrated into an encouragement of chasty as ‘one of the best options’. One resident interupted her twice saying, “The only option”.

He stated, “I’m a 40 year old man. They’ve been telling me this (the safe sex message) for all my life. The only was is to abstain”

(Praise God)

Thank you for praying.


“It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.”
Psalm 118:8


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