Baltimore City Council votes to harass Pregnancy Care Centers… This is an OUTRAGE!

Baltimore City Council votes to harass Pregnancy Care Centers… This is an OUTRAGE!

Baltimore, MD City Council has voted to force Pregnancy Care Centers to post signs saying that they do not perform abortions. The City Council did not vote to require abortion clinics to post signs saying that they abort babies which results in the death of the babies and possible harm to the mothers. The report below is from a fellow warrior on the ground.

This legislation was proposed by Planned Parenthood and the City Council has pretty much done its bidding. The television coverage has been more evenhanded than one might expect. Last night’s WBAL-TV report twice displayed the signs already posted (voluntarily) by the city PRCs that they do not make referrals for abortion or abortifacients. They also included a citizen’s statement that Planned Parenthood does not tell women the truth about what abortion is and how it impacts women. Clearly, however, the Council had the votes to do what it did. Mayor Dixon here is on trial for accepting and diverting to her own use gift cards intended for the city’s poor. A news show commentator yesterday afternoon said that the Mayor would likely survive if she is able to duplicate the feat of other big-city mayors in finding city jobs and contracts for supporters. There was no pretense that the process in Baltimore is about good government rather than effectively rewarding friends. That in essence is what happened here.

Montgomery County is considering similar legislation. The reportage here is self-conscious about the fact that this is a “first in the nation” measure – they even called it “landmark,” a strong term for a bill designed only to harass people doing good for mothers and babies. Undoubtedly, PP will spread the word instantly about their success here as their own “urban initiative.” A proper response might be for language along the lines to demonstrate that this is a two-way street, at least in some locales.


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