Battle for Pregnancy Care Centers Wages: Join in!

Battle for Pregnancy Care Centers Wages: Join in!

Contact your members of Congress today, and even your state legislators. Defend Pregnancy Centers!

Congress and State Legislators and even county commissioners and city council members are getting a lot of requests to either support or suppress pregnancy care centers. Now is the time to let your voice be heard. Contact your elected officials and let them know you support your pregnancy care centers! You can call them and email them!

The best way to make a statement is for a lot of people to write an e-mail with the same subject line, such as “In support of pregnancy centers. For information on how to reach your elected officials, go to

You can check out some hearings at Also, the Seattle Times wrote a decent article (for the Times), which can be read at

Check out the testimony of Senator Joseph Zarelli (R-18th Dist. – southwest WA), who gave an impassioned plea against the bill. Another is the closing testimony of a young woman, Kimberly Cole, who is a nurse, Lynwood City Council member, and Board member of Public Hospital District 2. She had a crisis pregnancy 6 years ago, and became a client of a center in the Seattle area. This young woman testified to how well she was treated and how much she was helped. How about the support of Senator Cheryl Pflug (R-5th Dist. – east King County, who is also a nurse). She asked the other panel members if any of them were affiliated with Planned Parenthood and four of the six sheepishly raised their hands. They were exposed as “bogus clients” doing undercover work. They were not real clients, like ours were. Sen. Pflug exposed their bias. She also countered the testimony of a doctor on their panel who said there was absolutely no connection between abortion and breast cancer while angrily holding up the printout of a pregnancy center web page that said there was a link. This was to prove that we give out medically inaccurate information. Sen. Pflug went online during the hearings and googled a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Univ. of Washington) that says abortion is a risk factor for breast cancer. Sen. Pflug pointed out that the study also says there are 19 other studies drawing the same conclusion. WOW! This is so much more powerful coming from her that from us!

Senator Chris Marr (D-4th Dist. – Spokane), considered to be a swing vote in the Senate, is on the committee, and a co-sponsor of the bill.

Anyone who contacts Sen. Marr may receive an e-mail response defending the bill. This appears to be a “canned” response. Don ‘t let Senator Marr succeed in attempts to make the bill appear innocuous. It is very important to keep up the pressure on him with even more follow up e-mails to this address: Calls to the toll free legislative hotline will not go to him if you live outside his district – same with the e-mail address on the website. The best way to make a statement is for a lot of people to write an e-mail with the same subject line, such as “In support of pregnancy centers,” using the format noted above (last name, first name

Also, please contact Rep. John Driscoll (D-4th Dist. – Spokane). He is the Vice-Chair of the Health and Wellness Committee. He, too, is a swing vote.

Let us all continue to pray for God’s mercy and love working in the hearts of everyone as this battle wages.


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