Surprise on CBS “The Good Wife”

Surprise on CBS “The Good Wife”

Okay, I like to use film, music and movies to make a point. But really, this one is as good as the Law and Order Show that dealt with abortion. If you don’t watch the CBS “The Good Wife” series, maybe you could check out the one from last night.

The wife is a junior law assistant, her husband is a “fallen” DA or something. He’s at home in leg monitor on at home jail time. He cheated on her with a prostitute, although that may or may not have been somewhat of a setup? He lied on the stand, to protect his family he says. Last night, an African American Pastor led him in a “come to Jesus” moment, while the wife was involved in a case that debated abortion and showed pictures of the inutero surgery of the little baby that is so popular. A couple wanted surgery to save the life of their baby boy in her womb. Turns out, the emotional mother had a history of pro-choice activism, but now wants to argue that her baby is a baby and not a fetus… Check it out. No matter what happens next on the show, it was dramatic to say the least!


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