Tsk, Tsk Congressman Stupak

Tsk, Tsk Congressman Stupak

How can the dream survive if we murder our children, Congressman Stupak? My uncle Dr. Martin Luther King once said that the measure of a man can be found in where he stands in times of controversey. Shame on you for trying to deflect the truth of what you did by saying that we prolifers have lost our mission. Not so, it is you who traded horses in the middle of the stream, not us. Tsk, tsk, shame on you!

Congressman Bart Stupak told Detroit News columnist Mitch Albom, “Maybe these so-called groups for life are not really standing up for the sanctity of life. Maybe they’re there for political purposes. Maybe they’ve lost their mission.” Stupak made the remarks in response to the criticism he’s been receiving from pro-life groups.



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