Mothers and babies both lose in abortion

Mothers and babies both lose in abortion

As a woman, I deeply sympathize with the families of all women who lose their lives in childbirth. Thanks to medical technology, more women are having healthy deliveries at this time in history than ever before. That being said, it is hard to make the connection between death in childbirth as opposed to deaths of mothers and babies by abortions. If 1,500 women die every day worldwide in childbirth, and approximately 126,000 babies are aborted every day, how can the tragedy of abortion be overlooked? Women die by legal or illegal abortions as well. So, why are they not included in most of the statistics that are often sited?

A Canadian op-ed columnist who’s critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s refusal to include abortion in his Third World maternal health program, claims that 1,500 women die every day worldwide in childbirth. The author claims the figure is easy to document, but fails to do so.


The following is a list of useful abortion statistics as well as some facts on abortifacients. All abortion numbers are derived from pro-abortion sources courtesy of The Alan Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood’s Family Planning Perspectives.
Number of abortions per year: Approximately 46 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 126,000
Where abortions occur:
78% of all abortions are obtained in developing countries and 22% occur in developed countries.
Legality of abortion:
About 26 million women obtain legal abortions each year, while an additional 20 million abortions are obtained in countries where it is restricted or prohibited by law.
Abortion averages:
Worldwide, the lifetime average is about 1 abortion per woman.


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