New misleading fetal pain report is a royal pain…

New misleading fetal pain report is a royal pain…

Just leaving Brussels, Ireland and London after talking with members of parliaments, administrators and local life advocates, I’m in an airport watching sky news flood the airwaves with one single report that says that babies don’t feel pain until 24 weeks in their mothers’s womb. Even if that were the case, that is not justification for murdering them. At any rate, there are other reports that say that babies feel pain before that. Check this all out for yourselves!—Royal-College-Of-Obstetricians-and-Gynaecologists/Article/201006415654669?lpos=UK_News_First_Home_Article_Teaser_Region_0&lid=ARTICLE_15654669_Abortion%3A_Foetuses_Feel_No_Pain_Before_24_Weeks_-_Royal_College_Of_Obstetricians_and_Gynaecologists

1. PDF]
Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act
40k – Adobe PDF – View as html
child and pro-life, and it will help in the creation of. a culture … 20 weeks when there is medical evidence that the. child can experience severe pain, and we have a. chart of ……/brownback05-01-26unbornpain.pdf
2. BBC NEWS | Health | Foetuses ‘cannot experience pain’
Foetuses cannot feel pain because they have no subjective way of recognising the feeling, a psychologist says. – Cached
3. Study Shows Pre-Born Children Cry In The Womb
When will America truly listen to the ‘crying out’ of a child being aborted? … “When you consider the fact that pre born children feel pain in the womb, this … – Cached
4. Abortion Advocates Clearly Wrong: New Study Shows Premature …
In a further debunking of the myth that children in the womb don’t feel pain, here’s yet another study, this time by a specialist in developmental … – 82k – Cached
5. -Interim, November 2000 Fetal Pain
When doctors first began invading the sanctuary of the womb, they did not know that the unborn baby would react to pain in the same fashion as a child would. … – Cached
6. WFF Statement on the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act (May 25 …
Unborn children can experience pain , and they can certainly respond to touch from outside the womb. … who has been blessed with carrying a baby in the second trimester can … – Cached
7. Fetal Pain: A Red Herring in the Abortion Debate
Does a fetus feel pain in an abortion? This is not a simple question … What of the claim by anti-choicers that even very early fetuses can feel pain? … – Cached
8. Nebraska Protects Some Children in the Womb from the Pain …
The debate over the degree of pain experienced by the child in the womb during abortion – and when it begins – has been a subject of controversy. … – 76k – Cached
9. For Sexual and Relational Wholeness
Can Babies in the Womb Feel Pain? Supreme Court Votes to Protect … This is a crucial step in protecting innocent children in the womb against all … – Cached
10. British Study Says Premature Babies Feel Pain
Daily news, articles, links, and information on politics, abortion, euthanasia, religion, family life, and entertainment. – Cached


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