Race Puzzle Solutions emerge in the Sherrod Controversy says Dr. Alveda King

Race Puzzle Solutions emerge in the Sherrod Controversy says Dr. Alveda King

Atlanta, GA – Citing current squabbles and controversies surrounding issues of race and racism in America, Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said: “This is all like a puzzle or a chess game. You have players like liberal Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Cynthia Tucker slamming conservative columnist Andrew Breitbart’s effort to point to racism in the liberal camp. Fox News and CNN news are battling over who is racist and who isn’t. The NAACP is slamming the Tea Party for racism, while supporting Planned Parenthood, the most racist arm of genocide in America today. It’s interesting that in the debates, few are mentioning the fact that Glenn Beck of Fox News did examine the Sherrod case and reported that she had been treated unfairly.

“Add to this melee the most recent attacks by abortion supporters on the pro-life prayer movement that is sweeping the nation.

“As the games play out, one thing is apparent. The concept of separate races and consequently racism are a lie. We are all of us – every ethnic group – one race, the human race with human blood!”

King, a pastoral associate with Priests for Life stated that the organization’s www.prolifefreedomrides.com campaign is also under siege from the pro-abortion movement, as the prolife activists launch a bus ride from Birmingham to Atlanta this weekend. Alveda and Priests for Life National Director Frank Pavone and the Pastoral Team will be joined at the Prolife Freedom Rides by several members of the Black Prolife Movement, including Catherine Davis and Ryan Bomburger of the www.toomanyaborted.com campaign, Pastors Stephen Broden and Clennard Childress who appear with Dr. King in the www.maafa21.com genocide prevention film, Day Gardner of the National Black Prolife Union and Tim Johnson of the Frederick Douglass Foundation.

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“What people need to do is to read the Bible, or at least my Uncle Martin’s book “Strength to Love,” Alveda urged. “Human dignity, bringing love and respect for each other as human beings, not considering ourselves as separate races; all of these are the answer to this puzzle.”



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