Let The Truth Be Told

Let The Truth Be Told

As the daughter of Rev. A. D. King and Naomi King, granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Sr. and Alberta King, and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I come from a long line of Christian soldiers who have supported marriage and family. As I offer this testimony, please let me encourage you to continue to stand firm for marriage and family!

We know that people of virtually every faith and culture agree that marriage is a union between a man and woman. This is why marriage has a unique place in civilization and is deeply woven into the fabric of society. Even in the face of current attacks on marriage, such as divorce and moral disregard for the sanctity of procreation, marriage between a man and a woman remains the guard against human extinction.

As one who understands, first hand, the losses that society incurs when marriage is weakened, I urge you today to encourage your family, friends and communities to uphold and protect the sacrament of marriage.

God, who created us, and placed us in the wombs of our mothers, uniting the seed of our fathers and the fruit of our mothers, imprinted us with His dream for marriage. We cannot let a few misguided judges and politicians erase the truth and beauty of the lasting institution of marriage and family.

God is aware of the pain and suffering of abortion, divorce and sexual immorality and how they all hurt people as is evidence in the three articles below. Sin is the root of all of abortions, divorces and sexual immoralities. All destroy the procreative bond of holy matrimony between a man and a woman. Additionally, abortion destroys the procreative reproductive health of a woman. A woman should do everything in their power to be healthy and fit for when she may want to have a child. Abortion does harm to a woman’s body. There is a link between abortion and many health issues. Chemical and other invasive birth control methods also have been linked to breast and cervical cancer, stroke, heart attack, mood swings, and other medical problems.

So let us be encouraged to stand firm for life, family and chastity.

The Doctrine of Sin (click on link)





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