The Ridiculousness Of The Argument

The Ridiculousness Of The Argument

I get a lot of email everyday with information about everything having to do with a host of topics from pro-life issues to politics. Although I have taken myself out of the political arena, I still like to keep abreast of what is happening so I can make an educated vote. But as for email regarding pro-life issues, I like to delve into those much deeper and speak to issues that need to be brought to people’s attention. Even though I don’t get a chance to read every single one of them, I pay particular attention to those dealing with abortion as that is what I’ve felt most led by the Holy Spirit to address.

Now normally when someone hears the word “abortion” one thinks about an already pregnant woman going to a doctor and either having a medical or a chemical abortion whereby she aborts and already developing baby, usually anywhere from a few weeks to as far along as 26 weeks. Not too many people consider the other kind of abortions that probably occurs for more often but is never counted in the statistics collected by medical agencies. I’m talking about abortive contraception. Not the contraception that prevents the fertilization of an egg but the contraceptive medications that stops a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus or ones that abort an already implanted fertilized egg.

Today I read an email about a webcast entitled “What They Won’t Tell You About ella and Abortion.” So I did some research which led me to an article about the newly approved morning after pill, ella, that is supposed to be a new wonder pill, an improved version of Plan B. In the article featured on “the Stir, a cafemom Blog,” written by Amy Kuras, Amy poses such flawed arguments as, “ella only works for five days after unprotected sex, and because of that you’ll never know if there was a fertilized egg in play or not. And a fertilized egg, without implanting in the uterus, does not a baby make. Essentially what ella does is cover the bases a little better than Plan B, which only remains fully effective for three days after unprotected sex, if you happened to have an oops encounter while you were ovulating.”, “[s]o what if it does block implantation of a fertilized egg?” and “[w]omen who are taking emergency contraception emphatically, seriously, absolutely do not want to get pregnant.” And then she goes on to compare real people to a movie character and a television character. Then, immediately states that maybe it is a tragedy “[i]f you believe life begins the minute sperm meets egg.” Although an advocate for reproductive choice, Amy makes a better argument for life.

First she states that it doesn’t matter if you abort a baby if you don’t know that that baby actually exists as if that would make it okay. I can just see the legal arguments for the bombing of a mall, “but your honor, when I detonated the bomb, I didn’t know if there were any people in there.” Not sure that would fly. Whether you know or don’t know that your aborting a baby doesn’t detract from the fact that the baby is being aborted.

Then there’s the “a fertilized egg, without implanting in the uterus, does not a baby make” argument which is false on its face. As Jennifer Mason points out in her article, Wikipedia states that “Development begins with fertilization, the process by which the male gamete, the sperm cell, and the female gamete, the egg, fuse to produce a zygote.” And she further states that “a new human being – a person – is present from the beginning of biological development, which very clearly means the fusion of sperm and oocyte, when, as world-renowned geneticist Dr. Jerome LeJeune stated, “After fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into being. [It] is no longer a matter of taste or opinion…it is plain experimental evidence. Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.” Later she then admits that it could be a tragedy “[i]f you believe life begins the minute sperm meets egg. It’s not a matter of believing but a matter of truth, a fact.

And an “oops encounter?” What is that all about? Oops, I accidentally had unprotected sex. Oops I accidentally got pregnant. She’s not talking about running into someone as you round a corner, that’s an “oops encounter.” Asking that person to have sex with her is not an “oops encounter.” Do we in our society lack that much self-control that we are now referring to having sex as an “oops encounters?”

Next, the fact that “[w]omen who are taking emergency contraception emphatically, seriously, absolutely do not want to get pregnant” is not a good reason for taking the stand that taking an abortive pill is okay. Now if you want to argue that they maybe should not engage in sexual encounters that would lead to pregnancy, then I’m behind you all the way. But lacking the self-control to have sex and then aborting a baby that may result from that “oops encounter” is not even remotely okay.

And finally, Amy states that the option of killing a baby is preferable and that “the greater tragedy would be children brought into the world unwanted and unloved.” The first falsehood is that the birth of a child is a tragedy. Children are gifts of love from our creator, not a tragedy. Secondly, even if the mother does not want or love the baby, there are plenty of families that wound not only want and love that baby but are constantly praying for the opportunity to have or adopt a baby. There is no such thing as an unwanted and unloved child. The only tragedy is the taking of that child’s life through abortion, whether in the doctor’s office/clinic or at home the day after he/she is conceived.

What Amy didn’t mention are the possible side effects of using birth control, especially, chemical birth control, like ella, which are numerous and staggering. The facts that they don’t want you to know can be read here. Some say that ella works similar to the abortion pill, Ru-486. Information on this is also given at this website.

The elections are just 7 days away and a chance to elect those that would fight for all human rights, even the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn. Vote pro-life. God Bless you all and God Bless America!


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