And It’s Happening All Across Our Country

And It’s Happening All Across Our Country

Human beings are being treated like garbage. The dignity of human life is on the decline. Some people are looked as less than human. As you drive down many major cities you will see the “invisible” of our society, the homeless. Discussion of the homeless makes many people uncomfortable. Many go out of their way to avoid them. Many, due to their circumstances, don’t have a voice to influence their environment. They depend on others to supply their needs from food to medical care. Would you be shocked if I proposed that we just eliminate them? Kill them and then throw their bodies in a dumpster in the back of a building? You would? What would you do about it? Would you seek to have me stopped? Prosecuted and thrown in jail? What if I wasn’t talking about the homeless people across our country but instead about unborn children? Are you still outraged?

Well, that’s exactly what is happening in many cities in our nation right now. For example, according to a story from Lansing, MI, “17 [aborted fetuses] were allegedly found in a trash bin outside a Lansing women’s reproductive health clinic.” “I’m shocked by this dumping of 17 babies into a trash Dumpster in my district, and I was further appalled that this may be a legal act under Michigan law,” [Rep. Rick] Jones [R-Grand ledge] said Wednesday at a news conference.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the lives of the unborn babies are not protected, allowing the abortionist to kill them, but to add insult to injury, or should I say death, the law makes it legal to just throw the bodies in the dumpster as medical waste like they were trash. Our society would be outraged if this was done to any other member of our society. Not only would the laws change, but the law now makes it a crime to discard a body into a dumpster. Just another sign that the unborn are not even seen as being human, which is contrary to all medical and scientific proof that they are human from the moment of conception.

We must elect officials that are going to protect life. In a few days you have a chance to make a difference in the future of our society. By voting pro-life you can infuse life into our society and into our economy. It’s important that everyone get out and vote. Don’t stay home. Be the voice of the voiceless, the unborn. Just like every baby counts; every vote counts. God Bless you and God Bless America.


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