To Birth Or Not To Birth, That Is The Question

To Birth Or Not To Birth, That Is The Question

Whether it is nobler to decide on your own or put the decision up for a vote is a question that the internet world is all abuzz about. Pete and Alisha Arnold, the Apple Valley couple, have chosen to put their decision, to give birth to their 18 week old baby (fetus) or to abort him, up for a vote. They began a website,, to allow everyone, or should I say anyone, to cast their vote in favor of birth or abortion. The couple said that they will abide by the will of the people. Does that make them more honorable than the Congress or not because of the subject matter? I’ll let you be the judge.

Many have speculated on the validity of the claim the Arnolds have made of being undecided. Many have called this a hoax, pro-life and pro-choice advocates alike. The consensus is that the couple is pro-life and is using this as a means of spreading the message of life. If so, some have questioned the vehicle by which they have used. No matter what your thoughts are on the matter, or whatever their real position on the subject is, their campaign has been effective in bringing the abortion topic up for discussion. There have been numerous articles written on their story and many more will continue to be written in an attempt to decipher the truth.

I have checked their website several times in an effort to learn more about the couple and see how the people are voting. When the article first began to come out, the vote was about 80% for birth and 20% for abortion. Then today I checked and along with the vote count swinging heavily in favor of abortions is a blog they posted questioning the use of a computer auto-vote program. Now the tally is roughly 29% for birth and 71% for abortion.

The blog states, “We have gone from 250k votes to over one million in two days. While this could indeed be possible, the shift of the votes so hard in any direction has one question, as I did, the intent of the votes.

They are going even faster now, and believe me when I say, it is easy to see what is fraud and what is not.

If you think by having a computer auto-vote for us, that it is going to discount the votes of the hundreds of thousands of legitimate votes from real people who actually care in helping us make a decision: You are wrong. Rest assured, whatever your opinion on this topic, and whatever you have voted one way or another, your vote is being herd.

Please do not feel like you have to join in an attempt to use a computer program to sway it whichever way you think it should go. In the end, the hard data will tell all.

Until then, simply vote as you feel, and we will continue to keep you in the loop. As we have said, your votes will not go unheard here. We just will no longer be able to depend on the numbers until the close of the poll. The truth will always prevail, and we will make all the data from the voting public.”

The blogger’s message is clear. They suspect, as do I, that some pro-abortion individual or group is trying to taint the vote by using a computer generated program to cast votes in favor of abortion. Are they getting so desperate that they will resort to such tactics in order to force a couple to abort their child, provided that they were sincere in following the vote of the people? I guess the key word here is “people,” not the vote of the computer. I suspect that the Arnolds will discount the votes they feel were cast by a computer and will ultimately decide to give birth and life to their baby.


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