MOOOOO… For Jesus

MOOOOO… For Jesus

Today on Facebook an individual left a comment on my status referring to me as a cash cow that the pro-life movement was using because of my name to push their agenda. As he sarcastically says, “I take it back: the pro-life fundraisers are not milking Ms. King’s family name like a cow’s *—-* to fund & buttress their perpetual advocacy interests as I implied.” I do have a recognizable name, and it is the name of a great man, my uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and my work with the pro-life movement does benefit them. But does that necessarily mean that I am being milked like a cash cow? I think not. The pro-life movement is my passion and my calling from God to fight for the most vulnerable among us, those who don’t have a voice of their own. Those who would not be heard if not for the many advocating for their rights, some with name recognition, some without; yet all voices are equally important in their own way.

Does my name take away from the validity of the work I do? Does the fact that I have chosen to work as Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life and the Pro-Life movement make the cause any less important or honorable? Are the San Francisco Giants any less a team because they signed Tim Lincecum as their pitcher, or the Seattle Mariners for signing Felix Hernandez, or Philadelphia Phillies for signing Ray Halladay? Are these three pitchers being milked like cash cows or are they playing baseball because they love the game? Sure the team benefits because of their talents and the relationship is mutually beneficial but to refer to it as a milking of their talent would grossly miss-state the situation as does referring to my pro-life work as me being milked to benefit the agenda of pro-life fundraisers.

I am an independent woman guided only by the Divine Will of my Lord and Saviour. Nobody is making me do anything that I don’t want to do. If God calls me to a vocation in the pro-life movement and I choose to obey Him, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am also the niece of a great Civil Rights Leader. But, if that makes people pay more attention and it helps bring awareness to the evils of abortion, then I’m all for letting people know who I am related to.

Some people are blessed by God with the opportunity to fight for a cause that they are passionate about, like I am about the pro-life movement. Others, like Oprah, are fighting for education or still others, like Sally Struthers, for starving children. God has allowed us to use our name recognition to help bring awareness and an end to this or that evil. I’m humbled that the Lord is using me to fight the greatest evil of our times, ABORTION!


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