A Creation Parable by Alveda King

A Creation Parable by Alveda King

I emerged from the womb of an ancient goddess, known by many as Eve. Her husband Adam was also a god favored by the Almighty Creator. Adam and Eve were the first power couple known to human kind. Adam walked with Great Creator I AM in the Garden of the Great Country of Eden during the cool of the day.

Adam’s intellect was so superior that he was able to name all the plants and animals that inhabited Adam’s palatial mansion, called Earth. Mother or Planet Earth was uniquely beautiful in those days. The climate and atmosphere were perfect, ripe for procreative abundance. Great Creator I AM was so pleased with all that Great Creator I AM had made, that Great Creator I AM gave Adam and Eve full license to “be fruitful and multiply.”

Indeed, Adam’s physical body had been formed from the substance of Mother Earth. Great Creator I AM fashioned Adam’s magnificent body from the dust of Mother Earth. Later, Great Creator I AM caused mighty Adam to fall into a deep sleep. Then, Great Creator I AM took DNA and RNA substance from Adam and fashioned our ancient, beautiful and powerful goddess Mother Eve.

For many years, Adam and Eve resided primarily in the Garden of Eden on their planet. Together they had dominion over everything. Then, one day, an adversary of the Creator, who had been banished from the Royal Courts of Great Creator I AM made his evil advance into the Paradise of Adam and Eve.

This particularly cunning enemy was very jealous of Adam and Eve, because, having rebelled against the Mighty Great Creator I AM, the adversary Lucifer lost his lofty authority in the heavens. Lucifer had been foolish enough to say that he would exalt himself above the heavenly throne of Great Creator I AM. Needless to explain, but I will attempt it anyway, Great Creator I AM was not about to be dethroned, so Lucifer and his companions in the crime of treason against Great Creator I AM was cast out of the heavens into outer darkness.

Then, one day, the Holy Spirit of Great Creator I AM moved over the interplanetary shadows of a heretofore unnoticed planet called Earth. Great Creator I AM spoke energy light into the atmosphere of Mother Earth, and life appeared on the planet. This is where Great Creator I AM fashioned Adam and Eve and established their Earth Kingdom in the Garden of Eden.

Enemy Lucifer would not leave well enough alone. He hated his exile. After all, he had been the choir leader in Heaven. He was the most talented and the most beautiful of all the angels. His elevated status had never been enough. He “wanted it all.” Never has there been a greater example of self love, than that of Lucifer.

The banishment of the fallen angel Lucifer/Satan is noted as being so severe that the Only Begotten Son of Great Creator I AM would one day recall that HE saw this ancient serpentine enemy fall from Planet Heaven like lightening.

At any rate, Angel Lucifer as he was known at the time, decided to slither into the Garden of Eden and seduce Adam’s wife. His seduction was so effective that it disrupted the harmony of Eden.

Enemy Lucifer wanted Earth, but had no legal way to wrest it from Adam. So, Lucifer seduced Mother Eve. Mother Eve tried to reason out in her own mind the edicts of Great Creator I AM that had been given to her husband Adam. They were not to eat of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil. Eve was beguiled by Lucifer and ate of the fruit. Adam was not beguiled, but a part of himself, his DNA/RNA connection to Eve had already partaken, so he joined his wife in the act of partaking of the “forbidden fruit.”

After the fruit of forbidden knowledge was conceived, Great Creator I AM cast them out of the Garden, away from the tree of life. Adam and Eve, whose spiritual energy and perfectly balanced souls had been housed in a perfect physical body, were now subject to time. They moved out of the timeless dimensions of Eden, into the boundaries of time and decay of what earth would become.

Great Creator I AM placed a flaming sword at the “gate” of Eden, so that Adam and Eve would not have the courage to “walk through the fire” to return to Paradise.

In the midst of Lucifer’s seduction and Adam and Eve’s subsequent “fall from Great Creator I AM’s grace,” two sons were conceived; Cain being of his father the evil one, and Able being the Son of Adam. Cain, in a fit of rage, killed Abel. Murder was now in the earth.

Adam’s and Eve’s bodies, no longer eternally existing in a timeless state, begin to “die.” Great Creator I AM had warned them that not following the Creator’s Divine Instructions would lead to “death.” This state of “death” had previously been unknown to Creation.

Over the next thousands of years, men and women would be born, and then die on Planet Earth. Only the promise of a “Redeemer” gave the people hope.

Great Creator I AM had a timeless plan. “For Great Creator I AM so loved the world, that Great Creator I AM gave Great Creator I AM’s Only Begotten Son, Jesus, so that anyone who believes on, has faith in and accepts the Lordship of Jesus the Christ, shall not perish, but shall have the everlasting life promised to us before the beginning of time as we know and understand it.”

Much of this Truth has been distorted by human reasoning and demonic interference. Yet, Great Creator I AM loves us so much, that we are welcome into eternity, if we accept the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Pursue Truth, and life. Amen.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God…


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