A Prayer For The Civil Rights Pro-Life Battle

A Prayer For The Civil Rights Pro-Life Battle

Because the African American Community only make up about 12% of the population but account for about 35% of all abortions in America, it’s time for the Black Pastors, Black Leaders, and the Black Community to take the lead in the fight to end abortion. As the only ethnic group (not race, ethnic group as we are all one race) in America that is not replacing itself today, we need to turn the tide and the Church is a vital part of the journey. I invite everyone, especially those in the Black Community, to join me in praying the following prayer (adapted from the National Black Catholic Congress Prayer)

O Lord our God,
under the shadow of Your wings
we have found refuge, strength, and hope.

We know that You are with us today,
just as You were present with those gone before us,
upon whose shoulders we now stand.

You were with our ancestors
as they journeyed to this land;
their strength they gained from You.

You were with past generations,
who sojourned through tough times and rough places;
their hope they gained from You.

Time and again with an outstretched arm
You delivered them as they clung to You;
their faith they gained from You.

Lord, we call upon You
to do for us today
what You did for others in the past.
Lead us, your people,
through this new place and time in history.
Bless the work of the National Black Pro-Life Movement.
Level the mountains of oppression we still face,
and make the crooked way straight.

Guide our feet to the place You want us to be,
and unite us in our struggle,
that we may be
strengthened in our faith
and secure in your promise that
“the lame shall walk,
the blind shall see,
the oppressed shall be set free.”

Lord, please help us bring your righteousness
and judgment to the Civil Rights/Pro-Life Battle.

This we ask in the name of Jesus the Lord.



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