The Pro-Life Movement Needs Your Help

The Pro-Life Movement Needs Your Help

With the Pro-Life/Pro-Abort issue heating up, there are many good groups out there that are doing wonderful work to advance the cause for Life. The one nearest and dearest to me is Priests for Life for obvious reasons. With this year being one of the worse for donation giving, and with so many organizations cutting back or even worse, shutting down, this is a plea for your assistance. With just a few days left before the end of the year and just in time to get a tax break for your donation, take the time to help the Pro-Life Movement by supporting us or one of the other many good organizations fighting to bring an end to abortion-on-demand in America and around the world. Click here to make your contribution and help us end abortion.

There are other groups that also need your help.

Rachel’s Vineyard

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Black Pro-Life Movement

Personhood USA


National Right to Life

Human Life International

American Life League

Too Many Aborted

Black Genocide

One More Soul

We are in critical times and it’s time for everyone to choose what side you’re on. Pick an organization and donate before the year ends.

God Bless and thank you for your support!


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