Fr. Pavone Announces Healing Effort for Former Abortion Providers

Fr. Pavone Announces Healing Effort for Former Abortion Providers

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, issued today a new invitation to former abortionists and a new action item for pro-life activists.

“With attention during these days on the gruesome activities of practicing abortionists and the conversion of former abortionists, it is important to renew the urgent invitation to reconciliation and healing that mark the ministry of the Church and the pro-life movement,” Fr. Pavone said.

“For the last two decades, Priests for Life has reached out to those who work in the abortion industry, and assisted them to come out and readjust to a normal lifestyle. Working with those who have found healing, and with professionals like Dr. Philip Ney, who has developed a treatment program for ex-abortionists, we have seen the urgency of helping these individuals attend first and foremost to their own needs. Those who have left the killing industry can, with the help of the Lord and His people, face the reality of what they have done, and undertake the arduous journey toward re-humanizing themselves and the children they killed. This is long, hard work. When the Lord comes to us, he forgives us in a moment, but healing takes years,” Fr. Pavone explained.

Priests for Life therefore invites all those who have left the abortion industry to come to the Society of Centurions and explore the options they have for healing. Specific gatherings of Centurions will be announced during the course of this year, and spiritual and psychological guidance are available to those who come forward.

Fr. Pavone urged pro-life activists to repeat this invitation to healing, and to contact Priests for Life if they know of those who need this assistance.


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