Celebration Banquet Fundraiser 2011

Celebration Banquet Fundraiser 2011

The Gainesville Care Center in Gainesville, GA is holding a fundraiser dinner on March 17, 2011 at 6:45 PM at the First Baptist Church Banquet Hall. So why am I bringing this up? Well, it’s because of the Keynote speaker, Kelly Wright.

Kelly Wright is the co-anchor of Fox News Channel’s “FOX and Friends Weekend.” And why is this such exciting news that I should be blogging about it? It’s important because of his testimony, his pro-life testimony, his testimony of his mother’s choice to choose life over abortion, even though he was conceived through rape.

Just the other night on Defending Life, a young woman gave her testimony of her struggle to find her natural mother after having been put up for adoption. When she found her biological mother, she found out that she was the product of a rape and that her mother did want to abort her but abortion was illegal at the time in her state. Now that their relationship has grown, the mother is now pro-life and is glad she did not have an abortion.

Both Kelly and the woman from the show now share their testimonies to tell the world that even though they were conceived in rape, their lives do matter.

Both of these cases illustrate that every human life, no matter how they were conceived, is precious and a gift from God.

There are many who feel that abortion is wrong but should be allowed in certain cases, incest and rape being two of them. But I say to you that the women have already been victims of one crime (incest or rape) that to further make them victims of another crime (although maybe not legally, certainly morally) would subject them to further pain and complications, as abortion is linked to many different complications.

Click on the links to read more on the subject and to read a testimony.


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