Pro-Lifers Are Taking Back The Airwaves From The Prince Of The Power Of The Air

Pro-Lifers Are Taking Back The Airwaves From The Prince Of The Power Of The Air

At the Walk for Life West Coast, there were so many walkers that the opposition to the Pro-Life Walk said, “They’re so strong that there’s no airspace.” The number of attendees even surpassed the expectation of the organizer and the San Francisco Police said, “the 2001 Walk was the largest ever.”

The March for Life in Washington, DC is estimated to having nearly 300,000 attendees, many of them youth and young adults. The streets of DC were closed for hours for the march, overwhelming the opposition whose numbers were so small, they are ashamed to release them. Why the difference in numbers? As the truth about abortion becomes known, more and more people are fighting to bring an end to it. And just as in California, and DC, the numbers were also staggering across the nation. Even the cold weather didn’t keep hundreds of thousands of marchers around the country away.

The Pro-Life Movement is making a lot of ground in the fight to bring an end to abortion in America. With the recent arrest of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, PA for the murder of at least seven babies and one mother and the atrocities he committed to hundreds of others that cannot be proven because he destroyed files; and the attention that Rick Santorum’s comment regarding President Obama’s support of abortion, the media is being left no other option but to cover the stories and shine a light on the abortion issue.

Not only are we taking back the ground but we are taking back the power of the air. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will no longer be able to prostitute and sell the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for their own agendas. Dr. King’s dream is not for sale, people! Read Dr. Martin Luther King’s advice column and notes about the Planned Parenthood manipulation tactics (Part 1 and Part 2) to attempt to link Dr. King to their agenda of death.


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