Philadelphia Abortion Story and New York Abortion Statistics Are Not An Anomaly.

Philadelphia Abortion Story and New York Abortion Statistics Are Not An Anomaly.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion arrest story is shocking. The New York abortion statistics that 39%-41% of all pregnancies in New York end in abortion are horrendous. The onslaught to close life nurturing pregnancy care center in New York, Washington State and across the nation is scandalous. Friends, these abortion nightmares are not exceptions to the gruesome abortion saga in America. They are part of the norm.

For years we in the Pro-Life Movement have been sounding the alarm, but the main stream media doesn’t want to hear it. It took something as horrific as what Dr. Gosnell (Grand Jury ReportPresentation Report) did to make them take notice if only for a brief moment. I guess if one of those babies had been from a prominent family of a congressperson, the coverage would have been more extensive. Maybe it would have gotten a lot more coverage. But these were victims from poor families, not really all that important I guess. And although Dr. Gosnell murdered eight people that can be proven and probably hundreds that can’t be proven and in a more disturbing fashion with other people having knowledge and even participating in their murders, the story received little coverage from the mainstream media and then only briefly as I stated earlier. I’m not criticizing the coverage of the Tucson murders as it should have been covered extensively; I just feel that this story should have been covered extensively as well.

One can’t even argue that these were fetuses either as is often the argument when it comes to abortion related issues. These were viable babies, already delivered, sometimes by C-Section, that were alive and breathing, one for about 20 minutes. Where is the outrage from others outside the Pro-Life Movement? Where is the news coverage? Where is the profiling of this doctor? Of the others involved? Of the authorities that let this occur, some having knowledge of what was going on?

Another story that received minimal coverage by the mainstream media is the abortion statistics in New York. These statistics, although higher than the national average, are not rare. Abortion is in the rise according to a recent Guttmacher Institute survey. With approximately 3,500 abortions being performed daily in the United States, approximately 120,000 daily worldwide. These numbers are astounding and yet there is no outrage by the general public or the mainstream media.

The subject of abortion seems to be taboo. Just the mere utterance of the word and criticism of it is enough to bring an onslaught of criticism. Take Senator Rick Santorum as an example. He is trying to bring awareness that the Black Community is being targeted by the abortion industry and he gets criticism from Al Sharpton, a member of that community. Instead of being outraged that his own people are being targeted for murder and locking arms with Senator Santorum against the forces of evil, he opposed him and ignores the proof right under his nose.


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