Last Week A Judge Declared Unconstitutional An Ordinance Targeted At Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

Last Week A Judge Declared Unconstitutional An Ordinance Targeted At Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)

A remarkable victory for the Pro-Life Movement!!!

A judge hearing a case brought by The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, Inc. (the “CENTER”) made a favorable ruling stating that the ordinance which was passed on December 4, 2009 was unconstitutional based on the CENTER’s first amendment rights.

The Ordinance imposed a duty on the CENTER to post signage in their waiting rooms stating that they do not perform abortions and do not make referrals for abortions.

The judge, in his ruling states, “the First Amendment means that government has no power to restrict expression because of its message, its ideas, its subject matter, or its content. Accordingly, the government cannot inhibit, suppress, or impose differential content-based burdens on speech.” and further states that, “It is true that the Ordinance does not directly regulate the content of a limited-service pregnancy center’s speech in the sense of restricting what it can say. However, requiring the placement of a “disclaimer” sign in the center’s waiting room is, on its face, a form of compelled speech. Moreover, the Ordinance regulates the center’s speech by mandating the timing and content of the introduction of the subjects of abortion and birth-control.”

We applaud the judge’s courage to stand up against the big money machine of the abortion industry and rule correctly in favor of the CENTER.

This ruling will no doubt give courage to other judges as other cities like New York and Washington State try to pass similar ordinances in an effort to silence the opposition to the abortion industry. These ordinances are designed to place undue burdens on CPCs by imposing fines and even the threat of closure if a CPC fails to comply with the ordinance, some that go as far as making them plaice such disclaimers, not just in their waiting rooms, but on all advertising and printed material in the office.

Please pray for and support the CPCs in your local areas. Together we can bring an end to abortion. They’re scared and the CPCs are being effective or they wouldn’t be going after them.

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