Running Scared

Running Scared

The abortion industry is beginning to get desperate. With the recent House vote in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood, they are pulling out all the stops and reaching for straws in order to keep their baby-killing money-making machine running. An email sent from Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s President, Cecile Richards pleads with supporters, not once but five times, to make emergency donations because the next ten days could decide the future of the company. In the email, she states, “Over the next 10 days, we will make sure that every single senator knows just how critical Planned Parenthood health centers are to three million women every year. And we will make sure that every single senator sees the faces of the one in five women who have been to a Planned Parenthood health center in their lifetime. That’s millions of people, standing as one.“ Never in the email did she ask their supporters to contact their Senators, just send money.

A website that has been brought to our attention is Fund Abortion Now. The website is a resource for women to get financial help paying for an abortion. They solicit those with money to help pay for abortions when a woman doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Really sad. Many women seeking abortions are doing so because of financial woes over how they would be able to take care of a baby financially as with the couple in the much publicized MTV reality show, No Easy Decision. Another example is Congresswoman Gwen Moore who said that a baby would be better off dead than to have to eat ramen noodles. It is puzzling to me why anyone would be so invested in someone else killing their child that they would be willing to donate money to make it a reality. As I said before, it’s just plain sad.

On their website, they help women/girls to find money in places to abort their babies. This same money could be used to support life instead of paying for an abortion. The list is extremely long. Someone really put a lot of thought into how someone may find the money to pay for an abortion. Even to the point of taking out a loan, selling your car, sell your furniture, television, or dropping classes in college and getting partial tuition refund. These same tactics can also be used to save that life. Why don’t they mention that? Oh yeah, they wouldn’t make any money then.

Why can’t people see how destructive abortion is? What it does to people and their thinking? What it will do to their health? What it will do to them psychologically?

There are Crisis Pregnancy Centers that can help with resources and life-affirming alternatives to abortion. Just call 1-800-395-HELP (4357).


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