What’s In The Water?

What’s In The Water?

Many of us know the warnings that have been put out regarding second hand smoke. We know that if you are in the same room with a smoker that you’re being exposed to the risks of lung cancer just like the smoker.

This is also true with the water supply. Water filtration systems are effective in many regards but they are not filtering all dangers from our water.

An article in a last year’s National Catholic Register discussed what is happening to the fish in our waterways because of the birth controls being used are then seeping into our water.

With all the popular medications like depressants, ED medications, steroids, and antibiotics that people are taking in today’s society, and the body’s inability to use up all the medications, the remainder gets expelled into our waters as waste.

Then there are all the reports of fluoride in the water that is supposed to help us now being reported as harmful in many ways. One story reports that fluoride can cause many disorders, “affecting teeth, bones, the brain and the thyroid gland, as well as lowering IQ . “

Another article reports, “Sodium fluoride and other poisons are being deliberately introduced into the public water supplies in order to dull the ‘teeth’ of the freedom movement in this nation (pun intended), make populations more docile overall and to promote sterility.”

In a recent video, fluoride is linked to bone cancer, lower IQ, dental fluorosis. A website is also available that discusses dental fluorosis specifically.

And yet another video reveals how the western elites have talked about adulterating the food supply to sicken and sterilize the population for the purposes of eugenics.

Here are even more articles and evidence that this is happening.

Friends, there is so much going on in an effort to limit certain segments of the population through eugenics and it’s having a devastating effect on other aspects of our lives. Unintended consequences or intentional, either way we must protest it. We need to stay informed and make our voices heard. And in some situations, as in abortion, we need to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Do you know what’s in your water?


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