The Tide Is Turning

The Tide Is Turning

There are so many good people in the Pro-Life Community. People from all walks of life, from all economic status, from all ethnicities, from all nationalities and all age groups make up this community, this beloved community. And all are needed to fight for life, for the unborn.

But I am particularly proud of our young students in our colleges all across our great nation who are pro-life. Why are they so important? Because they are our future. They are the doctors, the lawyers, and the congressmen and congresswomen of the future. They will be the ones taking oaths to save lives and do no harm; they will be the ones defending pro-life legislation; they will be the ones enacting laws to protect the most innocent and defenseless.

And these students in our colleges need our prayers because as a new video put out by Students for Life of America points out, “47% of women who enter college are pro-life” yet “only 27% of them are pro-life when they graduate.” The students in our colleges are being targeted by Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry. They are constantly being bombarded by the pro-choice agenda of our society. They are being lied to by those that disregard the teachings of God. And so the battlefield is set.

With the majority of abortions in America are performed on college aged women, they need groups like Students for Life of America to help spread the truth, the truth the abortion industry doesn’t want them to know. And they need your help to spread that truth.

But there is also good news. “Gallup polls reveal that today’s college students are more pro-life than previous generations.” They are more committed to the pro-life movement. With the help of pro-life organizations we can increase the percentage of students that are pro-life at graduation. Instead of losing pro-lifers as they navigate the college scene, wouldn’t it be nice if Gallup polls showed an increase in pro-lifers as they completed college? It’s possible but it can’t be done without your help.

Pray for the students in our colleges, volunteer of your time and help then out with whatever they need, donate to pro-life student organizations, and if you’re in college, join your schools pro-life group. If there isn’t a pro-life group at your school, contact Students for Life of America and they will help you start one.

In 2008, I wrote “The Church Can Turn The Tide” and this is further evidence that it is indeed turning. The prayers of the church are stirring the hearts of the young.

Together we can end abortion. Together we can save a life. Together we can save a baby. Maybe he/she will be the person who finds the cure to cancer, a future President of the United States, a future Life Prizes recipient, or just maybe he/she will just be a good mom or dad. Whoever he/she is, he/she will definitely appreciate the chance to live.

“Christ is truly risen! In him, today, we can overcome forces of evil.” – John Paul II

All life is precious. All life is a gift from God.


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