Defund or Shutdown: Call Congress Now

Defund or Shutdown: Call Congress Now

As budget debates come to a critical point, Harry Reid and President Obama have vowed not to defund Planned Parenthood regardless of the consequences (shutting down our government).

We live in America, the greatest country on Earth. And as an American we have a responsibility to be active in our government.

Not only do we need to vote in the presidential elections every four years but we need to vote in all other elections that effect our local communities. Then, once we elect our representatives, we need to stay engaged so we know if they are doing what they said they were going to do when they were campaigning. We have to make sure that they’re not hijacking this country from what the people want.

One good example is the use of our tax dollars to fund an organization that is corrupt from the top down. All organizations have a right to exist within the boundaries of the law and under their own financial steam. Planned Parenthood is doing neither. They think they’re above the law and can break the law without ramifications or penalties and they think they have the right to our tax dollars. We need to help them see that neither is true.

Every Pro-Lifer MUST contact their congressional representative and tell them to stand strong to defund Planned Parenthood. We need to be persistent especially with the representatives who want to keep funding them. We need to let them know that if they fund Planned Parenthood, come their next election they will be looking for a different job.

In Missouri, Ellen writes, “I called Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Washington, DC office around 12:45pm yesterday (while I was at the prolife lobby day in Jefferson City, MO because I was listening to Abby Johnson speak and she said call your US Senator!!). I asked to speak with the person who handles abortion issues. The woman who answered the phone in McCaskill’s office told me she herself is a Legislative Aide and she could try to help me. I told the Aide that I am an African-American woman, resident of North St. Louis City, and a constituent and a voter, and that I was calling to let McCaskill know that I want her to vote to DE-fund Planned Parenthood. The Aide responded: “Well, Senator McCaskill supports Planned Parenthood and I will let her know your comments. Goodbye.”

That is — the Aide said “goodbye” while I was still talking. The Aide hung up on me. I wasn’t finished, but she hung up on me. As I was telling her that abortion is Black genocide (see or or or or But, she didn’t hear that because she hung up on me.

So, folks, no matter where you live, please call your U.S. Senator and demand that they vote to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Call them this week, in case they vote by this Friday. You can find your U.S. Senator’s info at

I would suggest that you even mention your ethnicity and city of residence, when you call. Dispel their myths.”

Ellen did not become discouraged and did not give up. Instead she sent out an email asking for a “call of action.”

When you contact your representative, if they hang up or are otherwise less than helpful, don’t give up. Call back or send an email to your friends and let them know how you were treated. Encourage them to call, too.

This is such an important issue that will define us as a nation. As Americans, we all need to get involved.


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