National Black Prolife Coalition Tells Congress, Congressional Black Caucus: Stop Trampling on the Truth – Defund Planned Parenthood!

National Black Prolife Coalition Tells Congress, Congressional Black Caucus: Stop Trampling on the Truth – Defund Planned Parenthood!

Leaders at National Black Prolife Coalition say: “ The Congressional Black Caucus betrayed our people yet again. By refusing to defund PPH during the budget battles, you have guaranteed that mass slaughter of the innocents will continue. Under the guise of women’s rights, PPH is killing our babies and disrespecting our women. PPH, America’s largest abortion provider is using our taxpayer money to target our Black communities. Their founder Margaret Sanger called our people human weeds and misfits; yet your refusal to defund our millions in tax dollars allows them to continue this targeting unabated.“

The Defund PPH issue is about ending the government’s use of our tax dollars to fund PPH’s foundational welfare mission – Black Genocide.

“Planned Parenthood’s billion dollar budget funds America’s largest abortion business; primarily located in urban areas with high minority populations. Their strategy is to make their mass abortion killings affordable to those they want to eliminate. New York City is just one example of this depopulation; for every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1,489 are aborted. PPH disguises their deadly agenda by promising “women’s services” and using our tax dollars to boost their funding.

Congressional Black Caucus, stop the genocide – from conception until natural death. Congressmen Boehner and Pence represent a bold and courageous stance of vigilance and commitment to life. America is now able to see the clearly drawn battle lines for life in all stages as a human rights issue. CBC, join the fight for life!

(see Fr. Frank Pavone’s article)

Senator Harry Reid and pro-abortion Democrats told America that facilitating corporate welfare for Planned Parenthood is more important than the more than 800,000 government workers and all Americans that would have been impacted had the government shut down.

Members of the CBC backed Mr. Reid up, sending constituent messages that the Republicans were trying to shut down government to Defund PPH, without telling the truth. It’s time to stop the slaughter of Black babies, and the wounding of their mothers in the false name of “women’s rights.” How many of our people have to die at the hand of greedy, racist abortionists before you end this madness?

Congressional Black Caucus, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once asked “how long? – not long.” We pray that you wake up and stop trampling on the truth. Let our people live!”


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