What do President Obama, Madea and American Idol have in Common?

What do President Obama, Madea and American Idol have in Common?

Three unlikely and seemingly unrelated and glaring impressions on the hearts and minds of the people. President Barack Obama, who when elected said to the 99.5% of African Americans, 43% of the general Caucasian population, the majority of Hispanic and Catholic voters who elected him: “Hold me accountable.” Tyler Perry aka Madea who said: “I’ll never stop doing Madea until people just get completely tired of it (Page 53).” American Idol contestants who often pray to God, “Lord, please make me the next American Idol.” What is wrong with this picture?

1. Have those who voted for President Obama held him accountable in a meaningful way? I don’t mean gripe sessions where you complain about what he hasn’t done for you. I mean have you written the White House and voiced your complaints about the President’s strong pro-abortion agenda? Have you asked about his mandate to the Justice Department not to defend marriage? Did he stop the war and bring the peace that you were hoping for praying for, and voting for? Does the President know your concerns? Are you holding him accountable? Links to more information on Priests for Life’s African American Outreach webstie: video, open letter and press statement. Also link to picture on webpage

2. Have you written to or contacted Tyler Perry about his Madea Movies? Have you noticed an almost “Amos and Andy” quality to his most recent movie, or did you just remain silent after you bought the ticket, saw the movie and came away disappointed?

3. In the Bible (Exodus 20:3-6), we are told to keep ourselves from idols. God is very clear about being a jealous God and hating idols. But have we written to American Idol and asked them to change the name of the show? Have we turned the dial in protest? Or are you still calling in your votes, while our young talented Americans keep praying to become idols?

If our responses to any of these questions find us lacking, then we are doing a great disservice, to our God, to ourselves, and yes, the President, Madea and American Idols. What do they have in common? They need our prayers, not our votes, not our money at the ticket box, they need our prayers.


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