While The National Abortion Rate Drops, The Abortion Rate Among The Poor Goes Up

While The National Abortion Rate Drops, The Abortion Rate Among The Poor Goes Up

Abortion Apologists blame the Republicans and the Economy while abortion providers deny all women the truth – abortion hurts women, pregnancy care centers offer life affirming choice to families in need…

There has been much said about Planned Parenthood targeting the Black community and how they are complicit in genocide.

A recent analysis conducted by the Guttmacher Institute and published in the Journal Obstetrics & Gynecology finds that “[a]bortion rates fell among most groups of women between 2000 and 2008, except for those classified as poor.”

An article in USA TODAY states, “Guttmacher, which has been tracking abortion since 1974, found that the abortion rate for low-income women increased 18% during the same period that the national rate dropped 8%.”

So people try to explain these figures by saying that the poor don’t have access to sex education and birth control. In fact, one of the comments left in the comment section of the article says, “No, it means that the Republicans are denying them access to birth control and sex education. If you don’t support either of those, then you are effectively promoting abortion.” However, Planned Parenthood has built an overwhelming number of their abortion mills (over 75% by some estimates) in low-income neighborhoods. Their explanation is that they are there to provide services to low-income families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford such care and the number of abortions continues to rise.

Willie Parker, an obstetrician/gynecologist who is medical director of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., says the results suggest the recession’s impact.

“While some women are getting better at preventing unplanned pregnancy, it’s a reflection on women in poverty who have limited access to birth control methods,” he says.

Randall O’Bannon, director of education and research for the National Right to Life Committee in Washington, says the abortion industry is profiting by performing more abortions on poor women.

“Women who have information and alternatives are choosing abortion less frequently than they did 10 or 15 years ago, but states are continuing to pay for the abortions of poor women. When the states are funding the abortions, they get these abortions,” he says.

So what is really going on? Planned Parenthood promotes promiscuity through their “sex education” and then promotes “responsible” sexual activity by providing birth control. Planned Parenthood know that the more sexually active you can get a community, the higher the risk of unplanned pregnancy and the more money they will make from performing abortions. They know that a percentage of birth control will fail. And if you provide substandard (as reported by former Planned Parenthood employees) birth control, the failure rate inevitably goes up. More failure, more abortions. Can you say cha-ching?

Planned Parenthood bombards the communities with lies and then benefits from the lies they spread.

Planned Parenthood spends millions of dollars on media campaigns to spread their propaganda, lobby your representatives, file lawsuits, repair their reputation, and all in an effort to keep abortion accessible to all (code for low-income and minority) women. And they have the money since we, the American people, help fund these campaigns with our $365 million they receive from our tax-payer dollars. The $365 million is money better spend providing information and alternatives to abortion instead of being spent on paying for abortions as mentioned by Randall O’Bannon

Many people also say that sex education and birth control will lower abortion rates. Planned Parenthood has been in the low-income neighborhoods peddling their sex education and birth control for years and the number of abortions is on the rise. They know that this is a myth but continue to spread the lie.

Planned Parenthood is located in low-income neighborhoods and abortion rates are on the rise. They are not as prevalent in middle to high income neighborhoods and their abortion numbers are declining. You do the analysis.

Planned Parenthood is targeting the Black communities because of their business model of genocide fashioned after their founder’s (Margaret Sanger) eugenics beliefs.

Maafa21 is a wakeup call to prove that Black communities are being targeted! It is time for America to see what Planned Parenthood is really all about. Ask Abby Johnson. Hear Carol Everest’s testimony in the Blood Money film. These two women are former abortion providers. They are telling the truth! With over 17 million black babies killed since 1973 when Roe vs. Wade became law, and with every other baby conceived ending in an abortion, our Black ethnic communities are being drastically reduced by clever genocide! Our numbers are in the decline largely due to abortion. If this isn’t genocide then someone needs to explain to me what is really going on. I’m open-minded, are you?


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