Health Departments Taking Up the Slack Without the Killing

Health Departments Taking Up the Slack Without the Killing

It looks like Tennessee is on the right track.

They are getting the County Health Departments to take over the health services that have been delivered by Planned Parenthood. By doing this, the state will still be able to offer low-income women access to healthcare without offering abortions, which isn’t healthcare anyway. All but two counties have been providing healthcare in-house and now one of them, Nashville-Davidson County Health Department, “Under pressure from the administration of Gov. Bill Haslam … reversed itself and told the state Friday that it will take over $335,000 in health services that have been delivered, under contract, by Planned Parenthood for several years.” Shelby County Health Department, the other county not offering in-house healthcare “on Friday asked for and received an extra week to decide whether it can take over $748,000 in health and family planning services currently provided by Planned Parenthood of Greater Memphis.”

What a great way to avoid funneling federal tax-dollars to Planned Parenthood. If all state health departments offered the same health and family planning services that Planned Parenthood offers without the killing service of abortion, then pro-choice advocates can stop crying about the poor not being able to access healthcare and those that want to have abortions can visit one of the remaining Planned Parenthood offices that are left after they no longer have our tax dollars keeping them afloat and paying for all their lobbying to keep abortion legal and funded.


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