Reveals Controversial Fluoride Issue Reveals Controversial Fluoride Issue

The Fluoridegate scandal continues to unravel. All water fluoridation legislation should be repealed in all states that enact fluoridation. Generally people with built-in biases in support of fluoridation have been controlling the discussion about harm from fluorides. The Centers for Disease Control has clearly been trying to preserve fluoridation at all costs, but the facts about fluoride harm are coming out anyway.

This is a civil rights issue. No one should be subjected to drinking fluoride in their water, especially sensitive groups like kidney patients and diabetics, babies in their milk formula, or poor families that cannot afford to purchase unfluoridated water. Black and Latino families are being disproportionately harmed.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood supported “birth control water.” There is supporting evidence that shows that in some cases fluoridation negatively impacts the human reproductive systems.

I encourage everyone to take a moment and write to their state’s governor and legislative leaders. Tell them to hold grand jury investigations and hearings on Fluoridegate. For people who live in Georgia, please send a brief note to Governor Deal at this webpage: and email your legislators at:

You can read more about fluoridation harm at: and


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