Billboard Controversy Follow-up

Billboard Controversy Follow-up

Last Thursday I blogged about some billboards that are causing a controversy.

Yesterday, there was a story in the East Bay Express about the billboards in Oakland and explains that several pro-abortion groups, “launched a call-in campaign to local CBS Outdoor billboard representative Jeff McCuen to pressure the company, which owns the billboards, to take the ads down.

McCuen didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment, but wrote Shen an e-mail last Friday saying CBS Outdoor did not plan to halt the campaign.

“The Radiance ads are within the standards we apply to all submissions, and we would apply those same standards in deciding whether to accept an ad presenting an opposing viewpoint,” McCuen wrote. “At the end of the day we have faith in the public’s ability to use their judgment with regard to the issues involved in this debate.””

We applaud Jeff McCuen’s courage and bravery in standing up against what is clearly the abortion industry’s attempt to silence the truth about their dirty little secret, abortion kills a disproportionate number of black babies. They know that once the Black community wakes up to this realization, their business will be in danger of being shut down.

The groups responsible for the billboard ads are Atlanta-based The Radiance Foundation (Ryan Bomberger) working with locally-based Issues4Life (Walter Hoye).

Radiance’s Chief Creative Officer Ryan Bomberger — who, like Hoye, is black — said he didn’t expect the billboards to be taken down. “It’s hard to look at a billboard that says black and beautiful and say that that’s a racist statement,” Bomberger said, “Especially when abortion is destroying the Black community.”


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