Americans Prayerfully United to Advance the Culture of Life

Americans Prayerfully United to Advance the Culture of Life

“For Life, Liberty and Family”

To sign on to this letter, please visit where you can print a PDF of the letter and encourage your elected officials to sign the letter. Once you and/or your elected official have signed the letter, email to or mail to Priests for Life, c/o African American Outreach, PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314

Adapted from original letter posted January 7, 2009

Dear President Obama, Members of the U. S. Congress, Governors of State and Legislative Bodies, All Political Candidates and all elected and appointed leaders of the people of the United States of America:

Objective: To restore respect for human life, liberty and family, as a means of reducing crime; America’s grossly disproportionate prison inmate population; and the number of pregnancies ending in abortion.

Violent crime reflects a basic disrespect for the lives and liberty of other individuals. Crime often destroys human life or the liberty to enjoy freedom or pursue happiness. As crime has skyrocketed in the United States, so has the cost of defending one’s freedom be it as a criminal defendant or as a community burdened by the cost of law enforcement and imprisonment of those convicted of crimes so that others may enjoy the freedoms promised by the Constitution. Abortion is an act of violence against God and humanity. Life and Liberty are joint partners, anchored by the family. The challenge of this country has been to balance the freedom of one individual against the freedom of others. The essential duty of protecting the lives of its citizens must not be subjugated to the protection of the liberties of a few.

We the undersigned respectfully submit for your consideration the following strategic plan with the desire to accomplish the betterment of all Americans. We would appreciate the opportunity for open dialogue at town hall meetings, or at any venue you so choose.

1) Remove all federal and state funding including Title 10 funding that is used to promote or commit acts against the family.

2)  Remove all federal and state funding that is used to support, promote or commit acts of genocide, abortion and prenatal murder, including Title 10 funding.

3)  Support legislation and allow funding for development of a Human Life Curriculum for schools; youth detention; centers and prisons. Said curriculum would include pertinent information regarding nutrition; natural family planning; the link between fertility, breast feeding and continuation of the species and other non-invasive prevention strategies. The race issue would be addressed with information regarding the knowledge that all human beings are one race rather than the currently accepted concept that there are separate races of human beings on the earth. Essential parenting concepts, fatherhood and motherhood principles and other information regarding human life and development would be included.

4)  Support legislation and provide funding for enabling mothers and fathers to be actively involved in the educational choices of their children.

5)  Provide legislation, funding for and support of Public Service Announcements heralding the benefits of embracing family life as opposed to practicing the use of harmful chemical and surgical procedures such as artificial birth control and abortion. Such announcements would be similar to those of those Surgeon General’s warning that smoking is hazardous to your health.

6)  Support legislation and provide funding that enables provision of Birthing and Crisis Pregnancy Centers throughout America.

7) Support legislation and provide funding for Re-establishment of the Federal Parole System:

8)  Support legislation and provide funding for Municipal Transition Centers: (The Clinton Administration directed funding to local government for the funding of new prisons and jails. Similar funding should be directed to local governments for the funding of locally operated transition centers for newly released prisoners)

9)  Provide funding for and support the development of Local Parole Advisory Boards: made up of local citizens who assist state parole boards in making parole decisions.

10) Support legislation and provide funding for Re-established Prisoner/ Parolee Exchange Programs to maintain balance in state and federal prison population with parole population and to limit the growth in prison population.

11) Provide funding, legislation and plan for utilizing Parolee Labor to rebuild America’s infrastructure as opposed to privatizing prisons.

12) Provide legislation and funding for federal and state establishment of a commission made up of civil rights advocates, spiritual and community leaders, lawyers, law enforcement etc. for a “jubilee release project” to review individuals for release first considering those who may have been wrongly convicted, unjustly sentenced and then those who have demonstrated rehabilitation, targeting a reduction in federal and state prison populations.

As leaders and lay members of the populations you serve, we welcome the opportunity to assist and support efforts such as those outlined above in this letter. We commit ourselves to communicating this information to you through the channels you provide, and expect to find other creative, loving and non-violent ways of communicating with you, respectfully acknowledging your authority to govern, with the expectation of fostering a better life for all human beings.

Your signature here represents your commitment to this pledge and to a better America.

Signed: _____________________________________ (Political Leader)



We are looking forward to your response.

Prayerfully and sincerely,

Americans for Advancing the Culture of Life, Liberty, Justice and Family in America

Signed: _________________________________( US Citizen)


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