Pro-Life: From Conception to Natural Death

Pro-Life: From Conception to Natural Death

What does it mean to be Pro-Life?

To me, being pro-life is to be in support of life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death and everything in between.

This notion that pro-lifers only care about the unborn is ludicrous. The gamut of issues that make up the pro-life movement are so many and varied that no pro-lifer could possibly be active in all of them. Issues like abortion (legislatively, praying at abortion mills, marches for life, investigations, public awareness, and crisis pregnancy centers), life quality of the child (education, health care, nutrition, and family), adoption, stem cell research, cloning, birth control, abortifacients, RU486, death penalty, and euthanasia are all important and need to be addressed. However, no one pro-lifer can address all of these issues by themselves. So they pick a specific issue or two that they feel called to fight for and that is where their focus is directed. It’s silly to then say that they don’t care about any of the other issues.

In a recent debate on NPR’s radio show Tell Me More between Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, and Rev. Carlton Veazey, President and CEO of Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice, Rev. Veazey made this very claim and without offering any proof whatsoever. I’m not sure if it was by design or by coincidence but just after the claim was made, the commentator brought the debate to an abrupt end without giving Mr. Bomberger a chance to refute the allegation. So I want to refute it now.

This really got me fired up because I am pro-life and I care about abortion as my main focus but I also care about all other life issues facing our children and even the adults. For example, an abortion not only kills the baby but it also hurts the mother and the father, if he’s in the picture. I’m concerned about the baby and the parents.

If they choose to abort their baby, I still care about the harm that comes to the mother and father. Their healing after the abortion, the increased risks of breast cancer associated with abortion, their increased risks of alcohol and drug abuse, their increased suicidal ideation and attempts.

If they choose keep the baby I care about the future of that baby, their access to a good primary and secondary education, their access to good affordable health care, their ability to have a nutritional diet, access to a good family life, preferably with both parents, etc.

I have been invited to speak out about many different issues like education, family, political issues, and others. I have turned most of them down because I don’t have time to address all of these issues. Does that mean that I don’t care about them? OF COURSE NOT. I do care and so I pray about these issues and for the many groups and organizations fighting for these issues. I’m just one person who feels that I have been called to stand and speak for the unborn and that is my focus.

Being pro-life is not just about abortion. It’s about a way of life, a mindset that God created life and we are created in God’s image. He, and He alone, decides when life will be created and when life will end.

Many in today’s society feel that they get to decide and so they murder or they assist in suicide. I pray for them too as they will have a heavy burden to live with and especially to die with. I pray for their souls that none of the children of His flock may be lost.

Everyone is created in His image and if you look hard enough, you can see the face of Jesus in everyone you meet. But to do this you must not only use your eyes but it requires the use of your heart as well. I see Jesus’ face in the unborn child, in the child with Down syndrome, in the child with a cleft lip, in the woman who just aborted her child, in the homeless man sleeping on the street, in the ones suffering with HIV and Aids, in the dying old woman suffering in great pain, in the prisoner waiting on death row, and in everyone who supports abortion who has been deceived by Satan, the father of lies.

I’m thankful for all the groups and organizations that fight for all these different life issues. God in his infinite wisdom and love has placed a calling in everyone’s heart for different life issues, usually through their life’s experiences. I had two abortions before God opened my eyes and heart to the truth and now I have a special desire to fight for the unborn.

Others fight against cancer because they either had cancer or know someone who does or did. That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about children with disabilities. Still others fight against the death penalty and others against euthanasia. Everyone has a calling if you just listen to your heart.

Being pro-Life is about caring for all life, not just the unborn. So, Rev. Carlton Veazey and all you who claim that we abandon the babies once their born, where is your proof? Don’t just make a blanket statement about pro-lifers. I want to see the proof. And don’t ask me how many babies I’ve adopted. That’s just as much of a cop-out. Nobody can adopt 4000 babies a day which is how many babies are being killed by abortions in America each day.

To listen to the debate over abortion between Ryan Bomberger and Rev. Carlton Veazey click here.


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