Russia Moves Towards LIFE: Will America Rise to the Challenge?

Russia Moves Towards LIFE: Will America Rise to the Challenge?

With Russia having the highest abortion rates in the world, you would think that America would feel superior because our rates are lower than theirs. NOT SO! Rather than forging ahead to continue to turn the tide by lowering abortion rates, many of our elected officials are still fighting to keep America alive and well in the USA. Consider this contrast:

According to an article by Hilary White, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev “has signed a new law that requires abortion advertisements to include health warnings explaining the medical risks associated with the procedure. The law requires abortionists to devote 10 percent of all advertising to describing the dangers of abortion and makes it illegal to describe abortion as a “safe medical procedure.””

Meanwhile in America, the Department of Health and Human Services, charged with determining what will be included by a new health care law that requires insurers to cover preventative health care, enlisted the advice of the Institute of Medicine in determining if birth control should be covered. Recently the Institute of Medicine recommended “that health care insurers cover the cost of birth control under the new federal health care law [Obamacare].”

Wikipedia states, “Preventive medicine or preventive care refers to measures taken to prevent diseases, (or injuries) rather than curing them or treating their symptoms. Merriam-Webster defines ‘preventive’ as something that prevents; especially : something used to prevent disease. Since when did pregnancy become a disease?

According to an article by Kate Sheppard, “The other problem, says Monahan, is abortion. Specifically, abortion opponents argue that some emergency contraceptives — so called morning-after pills — can cause very early abortions by preventing the implantation of fertilized eggs into a woman’s uterus.

“So those 7 to 10 days before a baby can implant, Plan B can prevent implantation and thereby cause the demise of that baby. So we’d be opposed to those drugs being included because they act as abortifacients.”

Make no mistake about it. The next step our pro-choice or more aptly put, pro-abortion lawmakers will take is to pay for all abortions as they’re trying to do for the military. They’ll use the excuse that the pregnancy is causing undue stress and therefore causing mental health issues so the abortion is preventing further health problems.

The real issue is not the pregnancy but the promotion of sexual activity. Instead of everyone having sex as they wish, many as if they have no self-control, we need to start teaching responsibility. We are not animals without control over our bodies. That’s precisely what sets us apart from the animals, our ability to reason and make intelligent choices.

Having sex knowing that it could result in a pregnancy is not a very intelligent choice. And then, if pregnant, choosing to kill your baby is definitely NOT a good choice. You’ve just committed legalized murder, but murder just the same.

And you can’t say that just because you were using birth control when you got pregnant you should be able to abort your child because you and everyone else knows that birth control is not 100% effective. The only thing that is 100% successful in preventing pregnancy is abstinence.

God said “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28) but He also had a plan. Sex should only be practices in the context of marriage. Even in this context the married couple must be responsible in their planning of their family. Not by using contraception but rather by using natural family planning which helps to strengthen the marriage and not destroy it as artificial birth control does. This very important issue of conjugal love can be discussed in great depth and there has been much written about it but it’s too lengthy to go into it in this blog. (Perhaps another blog)

The culture of death that the pro-aborts are promoting will be the demise of our nation. We must stop it and start advancing a culture of life where all life is precious and to be valued, no matter how small or how old, all life is precious and valuable.


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