A Voice for Life

A Voice for Life

I just heard the great testimony of Melissa Ohden, abortion attempt survivor, who came to the Priests for Life office in New York.

In 1977 her mother went to the hospital for a routine saline solution abortion which was a five day process. Five days later she returned to the hospital to deliver what was supposed to be a dead baby. As a nurse was tending to her mother she notices that Melissa was attempting to breath and was moving a little. That’s when the hospital staff started giving her medical attention. Her parents then decided to make an adoption plan for Melissa and she was adopted by a loving family.

In her testimony, Melissa talked about her struggle to meet her biological parents, grandparents, and siblings. What she found out is that her attempted abortion was something that was kept a secret and had a negative effect on their relationships.

To learn more about her amazing testimony visit A Voice for Life or Melissa Ohden’s personal website.

Priests for Life will soon have her testimony on DVD at our online store.


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