Julia is Silent No More

Julia is Silent No More

Julia Holcomb’s voice still rings with the soft and melodic tones of a sixteen year old girl. That’s how old she was when she met rock star Steven Tyler at a concert. Their first encounter led her on a path that would end up in pain, and later in the redemption at the feet of Jesus. Now, Julia is “Silent No More!” Praise the Lord!

I learned of Julia shortly after Steven Tyler announced his desire to be a good father while he was judging “American Idol” last season. I was touched by Steven’s words, thinking how there had to me more to his story than the world knew at the time. Some of his daughters were in the audience, and I reflected how Steven’s beautiful Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler looked like him. Within a few days, I was reading of Steven’s post abortion testimony in his book, how when he encouraged his young girlfriend to abort their son. His heart wrenching words when he saw the body of their son, “Jesus, what have I done?” wrung my post abortive heart. http://www.priestsforlife.org/africanamerican/blog/index.php/american-idol-again-steven-tyler-has-an-abortion-story-to-tell

When our very own Kevin Burke of Rachel’s Vineyard wrote an article about Steven and the pain that fathers experience after abortion, the baby’s mother, Steven’s former fiancé, Julia Holcomb wrote to Kevin. She regretted the abortion, and was willing to share her story.

Now, you won’t want to miss this compelling and redeeming testimony. Please share Julia’s story with your network.



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